Canvas printing on the Canon TM-200 and TM-300

Here are some tips on canvas printing on the Canon TM-200 and TM-300

This is an economical solution, so it takes some fiddling, but other clients of ours and our tests have delivered good results. The 12-colour option adds another £2K plus to costs hence why we find this solution fits clients looking for a good result with a smaller investment but it does need some playing around to achieve this.

Also – it is a good idea to not use the cutter that is on the printer but do a manual cut with a scalpel or something. Canvas is a tough material, and it will blunt the blade.

You can increase the carriage height, but we would not recommend, if the head is raised too high it creates ink mist and also affects print quality. We only suggest raising the head if it’s coming into contact with the media. Therefore, a Canvas weight about 300gsm requires more adjustments and not recommended but can be done.

It can be raised through the paper menu once the relevant paper type is selected.

There is no canvas option in the printer media list on the Canon TM-200  or GP-200/300 but you can use the media configuration tool to rename/add. We suggest you use the HW coated paper setting as that gets us good results.