Canon A1 GP-200 – Super Bright Printing

If you are looking for a new A1 printer to produce bright, eye-catching posters, photos and banners? Not sure if the Canon GP-200 or the HP Z6 is the printer for you?

Here are just a few things to consider.

1: Did you know that the HP Z6 cannot be used on a desktop? It has to be stand mounted, taking up valuable space.

2: Did you know that the GP-200 is 24% slimmer than the Z6? Making the GP-200 ideal for desktops or small office spaces.

3: Did you know that the newly developed Fluorescent Pink ink expands the colour gamut to create a whole range of eye-popping colours…not just pink! And with the ability to use Spot Colour on your creations you can highlight detail, draw focus to the message, and give every print that extra-positive “WOW” factor when it’s needed.

Neon isn’t the only option either, pastels are also a part of your available palette.

Canon imagePROGRAF GP series – Excitement in colour