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Uniform Grenadier GFX G2 Solvent

You used to have to choose between quality and speed. The GFX-G2 gives you both...

As the latest addition to Uniform grand format printer line, the Grenadier GFX-G2 merges maximum performance, reliability, and productivity in an easy to operate platform. Designed specifically for the high volume, print-for-pay market, the GFX-G2 offers a unique combination of blistering speed and high quality. Innovative engineering and ultra-wide print heads deliver a top print speed of 90 sq.m/hr, making the GFX-G2 the fastest printer in its class. It burns through banners in minutes. Proven Uniform active solvent inks provide durable, vibrant images even at high speed production modes, with increased colour density, superior bonding with uncoated substrates, enhanced scratch resistance and proven image durability even without laminating.

The new heavy-duty feed and take-up system ensures media is fed straight, even when unattended. It supports rolls weighing up to 100 Kg, and offers convenient front access for loading and unloading of both feed and take-up rolls.

A fully integrated triple-heater and blower system enables high-speed printing without having to worry about prints smudging on the rollers, sticking to the media or the take-up unit.

Demonstrating the high-production focus of the GFX-G2, the new continuous bulk ink system is designed for unattended output. The completely redesigned ink delivery system also keeps running costs to a minimum, increasing your profits on every single print.

Many solvent machines require regular maintenance of up to an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening. The GFX-G2 takes virtually no time. Just fire it up, and it s ready to go.TheAutomated Intelligent Maintenance System actively monitors room temperature and automatically performs routine maintenance.As a result,manual cleaning is only required every two weeks. The Grenadier GFX-G2 can print unattended for extended periods of time without the risk of drying ink or clogged heads. Less maintenance time means more print time.

Come and see the Grenadier GFX-G2 in action for yourself, and, you'll find that every aspect of the Uniform GFX-G2 has been optimised for reliable, high speed, high volume, high quality printing, allowing you to maximise your profits and continue the development of your business.

Our At a Glance Guide

True 720dpi - no more grainy banners

Speed - maximum of 90 sq.m/hr

Uniform Quality speed of 45 sq.m/hr

Bulk ink reduces your cost per print

Designed for volume print production

New high capacity ink delivery system

Active solvent ink for durable printing

2600mm maximum media width

6-colour CMYKLcLm printing

Automated Intelligent Maintenance System

Integrated triple-heater and blower drying

Automated media feed and take-up system

Safety and Security

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