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Uniform Grenadier G2 Solvent

Engineered for around-the-clock high volume production

Bulk Ink system fitted as standard

Introducing the Grenadier G2 printer, with bulk ink as standard. Get loads more metres per litre. The G2 Grenadier is faster, cheaper to run, has all the benefits that made the original award-winning Uniform Grenadier the market leading professional solvent inkjet printer, and has running costs so low, competitors that own anything other than Grenadier G2, well, they simply cease to be competitors! Don t get left behind, take the fast route to print profit, with the new bulk ink equipped Uniform Grenadier G2.

Our At a Glance Guide

1372mm (54) PrintWidth

Bulk ink for low running costs

Integrated Print & Cut workflow

Maximum print speed of 41 sq.m/hr

Lowest possible production costs

Automated media feed and take-up system

Handles rolls weighing up to 30 Kg

Dancer roller system stabilises media feed

Safety and Security

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