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Uniform Brigadier G2 Solvent

New high performance variable drop solvent printer offering impeccable production output quality up to 40 m /h and top speeds up to 80m /h.

The new Brigadier wide format printers are an addition to Uniform s existing Uniform Lancer G2 solvent printer family. This new Uniform printer line consists of two models: Brigadier G2 64, offering a printing width of 1640 mm and Brigadier G2 88, offering a printing width of 2230 mm.

Uniform s Brigadier G2 series printers print directly onto standard available uncoated vinyl, banner and soft signage. The machines are targeted at small sign businesses needing versatility or larger operations wanting to extend capacity while gaining flexibility. Application possibilities encompass corporate signs, stage and window graphics, backlit box signage, construction announcements, vehicle graphics, indoor graphics such as photo blow ups, floor graphics, etc.

The Brigadier G2 features two head sets in a mirco-staggered layout (one colour per head), allowing both speed oriented production work at impeccable print quality as well as top quality print work. Each of the eight incorporated drop-ondemand piezo inkjet heads has 2 x 180 nozzles. Each 180 nozzle row is delivered by an independent ink channel. Using Dynamic Variable Dot Imaging Technology, each ink droplet is individually adjusted to provide high speed and high quality with low ink consumption. Each head allows print resolutions of 360 x 360 dpi, 720 x 360 dpi, 540 x 720 dpi and 720 x 720 dpi.

Our At a Glance Guide

64 & 88 Inch printing widths

I Intelligent Interweaving breakthrough printing technology incorporated

Deliver exceptional image quality and plentiful production up to 40 m /h

Features include eight micro-staggered print heads

Standard with 100 kg motorised unwinder / winder

Top speeds up to 80 m /h

Includes TROOP! V6 RIP software

Safety and Security

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