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The Triseal multi purpose laminator fills your lamination needs, providing high quality results with both thermal and pressure sensitive films over a large range of widths. This versatile laminator will transform digital images, photographs and other materials into profitable and resiliant signage.

Easy to operate, the user can switch from pressure sensitive lamination to thermal lamination or back in around 10 minutes. With opening rollers alowing items up to 13mm thick to be laminated, creation of board mounted signs and lamination of thick items has never been easier.

Easy, safe operation, CE certified
3 years warranty on parts, upgradeable to 3 years on-site
Fast, up to 6 metres per minute
Reliable hot and pressure sensitive lamination
Mounts up to 13mm thick boards
Low point of gravity, easy loading of film
Open architecture, takes large size rolls
Safety and Security

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