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Design Supply customers make more money with a Mutoh

Established in 1991, Design Supply Limited was originally dedicated to supplying large format drawing office products to the Architectural and Design markets, but since 2001 the company has specialised in the provision of wide format inkjet printing solutions to more than 2,000 active UK print service providers.

The company’s latest satisfied customer is West London based Chaggars Displays, a start up sign and graphics business that turned to Design Supply for impartial advice and guidance when it was looking for a wide format printer that would enable the newly formed company to produce durable indoor and outdoor signage on a limited budget.

“We looked around for a printer that could allow us to get in to the sign business cost effectively,” says business owner Ricky Chaggar. “We had a limited budget and equally didn’t want to invest heavily at the start-up stage of the sign business.”

Design Supply is a Colourgen reseller of Mutoh wide format printers among others, but it was the competitively priced eco-solvent Mutoh ValueJet 1304 (£8,590) that proved popular with the end customer.

“Design Supply took us through a number of solutions, but it was clear that the eco-solvent Mutoh ValueJet 1304 was the best because it offered us the flexibility to print vinyl, canvas, photographic, banner and backlit output all on the Mutoh. As time goes by, I’m sure we’ll be doing even more with it. The printer is a great all-rounder and we are more than happy with it.”

According to Design Supply marketing director Alistair Wright, the company has seen a significant upwards trend in demand for graphic arts quality wide format inkjet printers from all sectors of the market.

"Over the past six to eight months the wide format market has gone through the roof, right across the board," he says "We have had a particular increase in enquiries from professional photographers and signage companies, who are realising what wide format printers can offer them, and many have been astonished at the quality of the output that they are capable of, and how much they can now get for their money."

Another recent Mutoh ValueJet 1304 convert is Monmouth based digital PSP Wye Media who had been providing high quality printed solutions for almost all areas of printing and graphic design for over 15 years but was outsourcing its wide format work to other local trade printers.

According to Wye Media’s Chris McGowan the company was taking on a lot of wide format work, but didn’t have a suitable printer for the job. The company had to outsource everything which meant it wasn’t in control of either the process or costs and as the volumes increased, it decided to invest in a wide format printer to bring the work in-house.

“Because of the range of work, we needed a printer that was above all both cost-effective and flexible,” he says. “We obviously looked around for the best price within the range of target printers suitable for our applications. As part of the process, Design Supply presented the eco-solvent Mutoh ValueJet 1304 to us and the decision was made. This printer not only offered us great value in terms of a low capital investment, but also the flexibility and quality we needed.”

Wye Media now has full control of the process and output quality, and its new Mutoh printer is providing an extra revenue stream from point of sale poster printing, roller banners, outdoor signage and vinyl graphics.

"We talk to everyone who contacts us at length to make sure that we know what it is that they are hoping to achieve, and because we ask a lot of questions this ultimately this helps us to select the printer that is right for the client and for their market,” says Design Supply’s Alistair Wright. 

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