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Rowe Scan 600 Large Format Scanner

ROWE Scan 600 sets new standards in quality, productivity and ergonomics and its unique modularity is inspiring. Discover its superior scan quality which is without parallel on the world market!

Traditionally ROWE sets standards with every new development: the ROWE Scan 600 has amongst other things an optical resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, a scan width of up to 60" and exceptional productivity. This is all with minimal follow-on costs and exceptional durability.

In short: the technology of the ROWE Scan 600 which is protected by patents with over 24 innovations offers every customer an optimal workflow.

And ROWE considers the future: requirements can change or new ones can be added. The comprehensive modularity of the ROWE Scan 600 guarantees an upgrade that can be carried out at your site at any time.

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