Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W (64 inch) Indoor and Digital Transfer Large Format Printer

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1938WX 75″ 1910mm, high-end, dual head dye sublimation inkjet printer is designed for Sign and Print Makers, Print Service Providers and Commercial Printers looking for an unparalleled level of print quality and automation in the Indoor Digital Transfer application. The ValueJet VJ-1938WX combined with Mutoh’s new water-based transfer sublimation inks makes it possible to transfer onto polyester fabrics, mixed fibre fabrics (minimum 80% polyester) or onto polyester coated objects. The ValueJet VJ-1638WX is the successor of the award-winning ValueJet VJ-198W, with improved DropMaster technology and improved ink performance and prints at production speeds between 42 and 65 m²/h.

Designed for the production of soft signage, clothing and gadgets: high quality in-store textile decoration & displays, textile banners, pop-ups, personalised home decoration, sportswear & shirts, mugs, phone covers and many more, the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1938WX delivers best-in-class speed and superior print quality.

Design Supply, a Mutoh Authorised Reseller, works closely with Mutoh to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities. With more than 26 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.


Market and Application

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624WX 64″ 1625mm is ideal for everyday dye sublimation printing for established Print Shops and Sign Makers and those businesses wanting to extend their portfolio. In dye sublimation printing, images are printed in reverse onto transfer paper. After printing, a heat press or calendar fixes the images onto polyester-based textiles. The heat process bonds the images permanently to the fabric. Colours are bright and vibrant. Outputs are durable and washable. Unlike other ink jet technologies, the sublimation process does not affect the handling and feel of the material.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624WX is targeted at mid-volume production of soft signage, apparel and textile printing with Mutoh water-based dye sublimation inks. Prints can be transferred onto flexible and rigid polyester materials, producing soft signage, clothing and gadgets: high quality in-store textile decoration & displays, textile banners, pop-ups, personalised home decoration, sportswear & shirts, flags and pennants, mugs, phone covers, mouse mats, umbrellas and much more.

Design Supply, a Mutoh Authorised Reseller, works closely with Mutoh to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities. With more than 26 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.

Intelligent design features make the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W easy to set up and operate. A newly designed keyboard with an easy and logical layout makes the VJ-1924W easy to operate. Save time with the automatic sheet-off cutting function. Special ink sub tanks allow uninterrupted printing, even when loading new ink cassettes. An L-shaped cover has been added to the VJ-1924W to allow easy access for periodic maintenance. Minimum periodic maintenance, flexibility of switching quickly between print jobs, and low ink consumption (average 8.5 ml/m² on uncoated PVC at 720 dpi with 67% coverage) means the VJ-1924W swiftly turns an investment into profit.

The ValueJet VJ-1924W offers a wide range of easily selectable pre-defined print modes and speeds, allowing output resolutions between 360 x 720 and 1440 x 1440 dpi. Typical prints speeds are:

Print Mode Resolution dpi Speed m²/hr
Super Fine 1080 x 1080, 9p 10.8
High Quality 720 x 1080, 6p 13.1
Quality Production 360 x 720, 4p 14.7
Production1 720 x 720, 4p 20.1
Production2 360 x 720, 2p 21.5
Speed Production 360 x 360, 2p 29.2
High Speed Production 360 x 360, 1p 56.2

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W comes with a stand and integrated roll holders. The VJ-1924W incorporates a set of scroller supports mounted at the back of the machine. These supports enable non-motorised unwinding of media (2″ and 3″ core). The VJ-1924W printer handles a wide choice of media, including both 2″ and 3″ rolls.

Using Mutoh’s water-based dye sublimation inks and easily available uncoated recyclable polyester-based materials means there is no need for forced ventilation, as the inks are free from VOCs and hazardous components. Average ink consumption is 8.5ml/m² at 720dpi with 67% coverage. The prints are also odourless. Soft signage is much easier to pack and ship which reduces transport costs, as it fold easily to reduce space and extremely lightweight. Soft signage can be washed, if necessary and re-used without fading. Mutoh water-based dye sublimation inks feature UV durability of 3 to 6 months outdoor. Mutoh’s Water-based dye sublimation inks are available in 1000ml bulk bottles, and will enable you to lower your cost per copy. Paper prints are produced faster, which increases your productivity. Readily available low cost polyester fabrics (uncoated) means you can offer higher end luxurious products with premium appearance, touch and feel, which can be sold at a higher price compared to regular vinyl, paper and banner prints.

Optional items for the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W include the Mutoh SpectroVue VM-10 Spectrophotometer, Motorised Torque Controlled Take-Up System, the Mutoh ValueCut, the Onyx 12 RIPCenter ValuePlus Mutoh Edition RIP and the SAi FlexiPRINT SE12 Mutoh Edition RIP software. The Mutoh SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer directly attaches to the print head carriage or shuttle of the VJ-1924W printer, enabling the monitoring of colour drift over time, from job-to-job or even within a large job. The VM-10 can also be used to build ICC colour profiles and linearization files, in combination with supporting software. The VM-10 allows fast, simple and accurate colour measuring and process control to your workflow, producing consistent colour prints every time with the on-board ColorVerify system. The Mutoh multi-purpose ValueCut cutter can be run in tandem with the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W, allowing for simultaneous printing and cutting. The Mutoh ValueCut cutting plotter is able to tackle all contour cutting applications such as stickers, short-run decals, window designs and much more. For intensive graphics applications, dedicated RIP software is recommended. SAi FlexiPRINT SE12 Mutoh Edition RIP software for single workstation environments and Onyx 12 RIPCenter ValuePlus Mutoh Edition RIP solutions make it easy to prepare jobs and create sellable prints faster. Both RIP solutions include a fully integrated print and cut workflow.

Built to last, Mutoh ValueJets are renowned for precision engineering and meticulous production practices for years of profitable use. As you would expect from Mutoh, reliable performance is a given. For added peace of mind, Mutoh ValueJet printers feature a 12-month on-site warranty.

There is a complete range of Mutoh and third party media, compatible with the ValueJet VJ-1924W, available from Design Supply’s media specialists whose expertise can help you determine the best solutions for your particular printing needs.

Downloadable Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W T-Series Brochures


Mutoh Intelligent Interweave Technology


Mutoh DropMaster How it works


How to Load Media


Setting Media type


Mutoh Cleaning and Maintenance


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The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624WX features latest generation variable drop 8 channel print head with 8 rows of 180 nozzles, allowing output resolution between 360 x 720 dpi and 1440 x 1440 dpi. Easy to operate and maintain, the VJ-1624WX is competitively priced and delivers constant quality for both volume and short production runs. With typical production speeds between 14 and 27.5m²/h, is a perfect match for businesses with medium to higher print volumes. The VJ-1624WX delivers best-in-class speed and the highest levels of quality with Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving & DropMaster print technology, which offers predictable and repeatable output quality fit for purpose every time in the shortest possible time, drastically reducing or eliminating horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624WX is ideal exploring new revenue opportunities such as high quality in-store textile decorations and displays, textile banners, pop-ups, sportswear, personalised home decoration, gadgets, shirts and many more. The VJ-1624WX delivers environmentally friendly printing and a high level of operator safety.


Mutoh has been at the forefront of the wide format industry for more than 20 years. As an innovative developer and manufacturer of wide-format printers and cutters, Mutoh incorporates pioneering technology to bring you the best equipment for your application. Manufactured in Japan, Mutoh ValueJet printers feature best-in-class inkjet head technology, latest generation electronics and high quality inks.

Mutoh’s new wide piezo drop-on-demand print head features 1440 nozzles. The 1440 nozzle head includes four colour sections (C, M, Y, K) each divided in two nozzle rows with 180 nozzles per colour. Because all colour head sections are united in one head, there is no need for time consuming head-to-head calibration routines. The print head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.3 picoliters to 34.1 picoliters, resulting in incredible accuracy, sharpness, and speed. Increased accuracy and consistency of dot size and dot release during printing improves the image, in addition to increased dot gain control, allowing for more latitude in profile settings.

Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology drastically reduces or totally eliminates the typical difficulties inherent to conventional digital inkjet printing, including defects such as horizontal banding, ink mottle, bleed and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. Ink is laid down in waves, as opposed to straight lines used on most wide format printers. The biggest benefit of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality, bringing an unprecedented level of user comfort to the printer operator.

DropMaster technology is a revolutionary print automation technique which eliminates the need for media dependent head adjustments. Specifically designed for Mutoh’s dual head ValueJet models, DropMaster automatically calculates and adjusts the uni/bi-directional fire timings by analysing the media thickness and drop-throw distance between print head and media surface.

Mutoh UMS inks consist of highly durable colour pigments ground to nano-size level, a new blend of milder and non-aggressive solvents and a new mix of resins. The resin mix enables optimum adhesion of the pigments to the substrate and creates a uniform and smooth ink layer. Each individual colour pigment is coated by the resin mix to address the typical requirements of outdoor sign and display prints (gloss preservation, scuff, abrasion and chemical resistance) and to safeguard long-term outdoor durability of the colour pigments.




  • Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1924W printer with stand and integrated roll holders
  • Machine starter kit (cleaning liquid, pack of swabs, box of pipets, cleaning handbook)
  • Accessory bag (10 cleaning sticks, 5 paper towels, operation manual cd, installation manual, introduction of Windows Printer Driver)
  • SAi FlexiPRINT SE12 or Onyx 12 RIPCenter ValuePlus Mutoh Edition RIP Software
  • UK power cable
  • 12 months on-site warranty


  • 30kg Mutoh Take-Up System: ZMY-14800
  • 30kg Mutoh Take-Up System with Tension Bar: VJ16-TUP30
  • 80kg Mutoh Take-Up System: VJ16-TUP80
  • 100kg Mutoh Take-Up System: ZMY-14600
  • Mutoh UniFixer 65 Calender
  • 1,000ml Cartridge Adapter: VJ- HCIPADPT
  • Mutoh Motorised Torque Controlled Up System: VJ1619-TUP30
  • Mutoh SpectroVue VM-10 Spectrophotometer
  • Bulk Ink System – VMY-08907
  • Mutoh ValueCut cutting plotters 600(24&quot, 1300(52&quot and 1800(72″)
  • Mounting kit for XMY-14600 for ValueJet VJ-1624
  • Print head assembly for ValueJet VJ-1624: DG-42987


  • 1 litre Disperse Dye Inks (for transfer paper printing): VJDS2-100-(BK, MA, CY, YE)
  • Cleaning Fluid: INK-0199
  • CRO2: INK-0190

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