PowerProof Easy ver. 6.3.15r / 6.5.2d
 The easy and economic solution for Professional Proofing

The ideal solution for:

  • Graphics
  • Photographers

Perfect proofs with ease, thanks to accurate color calibrations for professional media, already made by DevStudio

Interactive work space

  • Compatibility to most used grahical formats
  • PS Level 3 interpreter and HP-GL2 (.plt reader)
  • Cutting and nesting on the work space
  • Print without lenght limits
  • Automatic and manual Nesting up to 99 images
  • Management of 1 Hot Folder

Powerful color management

  • Integrated system of advanced CMS, compatible with the ICC Standard version 4.2
  • Use of technology " Device-Link"
  • Management of different ICC profiles (Input and Output) for every image on the nesting and different "Color Spaces" in the same image
  • Color correction independent on each picture

"Profile Test" (soft proofing)

  • You can have a double preview of the image, with the reference profile only or applying also the media profile, to check the color fidelity
  • You can also compare two different reference or media profiles

PowerProof "proofing paper"

  • Special Media accurately selected, tested and verified on the most diffused inkjet waterbased printers (both dye and pigment inks)
  • For any printer we provide the "driver" (linearization and profile) on the branded proofing papers and on DevStudio media, in order to give you the possibility to make good color proofs without the need of any calibration from the user

Color correction curves (Output curves)

  • The software gives you the possibility to make color corrections directly during the print, using curves and sliders, with instant preview