PowerPlotter Photo ver. 6.3.15r / 6.5.2d
The easy and economic solution for the professional photographic print

Excellent for:

  • Graphic Studios
  • Photographic Studios

Perfect photo prints thanks to the use of ICC profiles for the professional media created by DevStudio

Interactive work space

  • Compatibility to the most used raster graphical formats
  • Cutting and nesting on the work space
  • Printing of any large files without limits in length
  • Automatic and manual Nesting up to 99 images
  • Management of 15 Hot Folders

Powerful color management

  • Management of different ICC profiles for every image on the nesting and different "Spaces Color" within the same file
  • You can use the profile included in the image, preserve the black channel and use the black point compensation
  • System of management of the (CMS) integrated colour flow

"Profile Test" (soft proofing)

  • You can have a double preview of the image, with the reference profile only or by also applying the media profile in order to check for colour fidelity
  • You can also compare different reference profiles or output

Direct print from Hot Folder

  • The nesting has several tools useful for the print centres and photo service, such as the multi-page automatic nesting, through which you can print any set of images simply copying them into a directory (Hot Folder)
  • You can also create an Index Print with the thumbnails of all the images, with their name printed below them

Color correction curves (Output Curves)

  • The software provides the possibility of correcting chromatics directly in print by sliders and curves with instant preview
  • You can make color corrections on the nesting for every single image