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Oce tds320 Large Format Scanner & Copier


  • Now with scan-to-file and copy set processing!
  • Multiple functions - print, copy, or scan your documents
  • Effortless workflow - green button for easy copying and collating
  • High-quality 600 dpi output
  • Instant-on - always ready when you need it
  • Proven reliability and efficiency


Copy/scan once, print many

  • Making collated copies is easy: select an option on the scanner, copy once, and receive collated sets at the printer.
  • The integrated, compact output stacker neatly organizes your drawings, eliminating the need to collate documents manually.
  • The scanner is a physically separate unit - multiple employees can work on the system at the same time.

Breakthrough Print Quality

  • Unique 600-dpi quality ensures excellent reproduction of sharp lines, smooth curves, and fine details, producing brilliant renderings of 3-D drawings and intricate graphics.
  • You'll project a professional image with every print - and gain the edge when tendering a bid or presenting a concept.

      Oce Image Logic(r) technology offers superior copy quality
      Unique Oce Image Logic technology has set the standard for consistent, excellent copy quality - far superior to that produced by traditional analog systems. It enhances scanned images and brings the highest level of quality to your copied and scan-to-file documents. Whatever the type or condition of the original (blueprint, sepia, even dark/old), the results are right the first time, eliminating the time-consuming and costly trial-and-error process.

      Oce Power Logic(r) controller for centralized process management
      The Oce Power Logic controller is the key to the productivity of Oce TDS systems.
      • Large files are processed fast.
      • Concurrent scanning, copying, and printing minimizes queue length and employee downtime.
      • Supports all standard file formats, so print jobs can be sent from any location.

    • Zero warm-up time means no waiting for your prints
      The low operating temperature needed to fuse the toner to the media means Oce Radiant Fusing products are instant-on. Employees don't need to stand around waiting for the printer to warm up. Additionally, this technology produces very low noise, heat and ozone emissions ensuring a comfortable work environment.

      Proven reliability minimizes downtime
      Reliability and flexibility are trademarks of Oce technologies - ensuring the ability to meet your tough deadlines. Oce systems are highly regarded for their continuous, trouble-free performance - minimizing system and employee downtime.
Safety and Security

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