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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet 510 Plus 42in

HP Designjet 510 Printer Series


The HP Designjet 510 Printer series is HP's most affordable stand-alone printer for architecture, engineering, construction and graphics professionals to produce large-format technical documents. Designed for small studios that print large-format computer-aided design (CAD) drawings in-house, the device enables users to easily, conveniently and quickly print on a variety of media.

The HP Designjet 510 builds upon HP's best-selling Designjet - the HP Designjet 500 - offering the same reliability and high quality with enhanced functionality and ease of use. Designed to preserve line and text quality, the HP Designjet 510 Printer series features HP-GL/2 in-printer processing technology that frees up computer resources and minimizes network traffic, eliminating printing delays. The new printer processes files up to four times faster than the previous model and delivers sharp black-and-white and color drawings with fine lines as thin as 0.07 mm.

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