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Uniform Grenadier Textile Solvent

Direct printing & fixation machine. Ideal for printing photorealistic images on to fabric as easy as printing on papers. Suitable applications include banners, clothing, curtains, flags & wallpaper.

Previously the printing of photorealistic images on flags and banners needed two separate processes. Printing on paper, then transfer of the image from paper to fabric. So it was necessary to purchase additional thermal transfer machine (calendar machine) and also the cost of the paper!

Now with the Grenadier Textile, there is no need for a calendar machine, no need for paper, no need for a big operational space, and no need for a fussy process of sublimation and skillful paper transfer operators!

Grenadier Textile increases your profit!

Easy to use just like printing on papers!

Un-manned consistent overnight run-ability without loss!

Dramatically reduced production cost!

High productivity to save the labour cost!

Low Production Cost

There is no need for a post-treatment like steaming and thermal transfer. Saving operation time and labour.

There is no need for transfer paper and de-coupling paper.

There is no need for a calendar machine and large floor space.

High Productivity

The Grenadier Textile has a 38m /h practical printing speed and outstanding run-ability for over-night printing without banding

and colour deflection.

Daily printing volume is more than 600m (16 hours a day) by one Grenadier Textile.
Safety and Security

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