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Traditional Diazo Printer

Economic and instant blueprints

The low initial investment, combined with economical single lamp operation, extraordinarily low maintenance cost and inexpensive consumables make the DSL - SL30 the right choice.

The XL80 diazo machine offers contemporary low profile styling and performance at an economical price. Many 'operator friendly' features are incorporated into the design of these machines. All operating controls are recessed and conveniently located in the centre of the unit for easy access by either hand.
Instant No Warm Up Operation: As with all Diazit blueprint machines, the XL80 is ready to go at the flip of a switch with no warm-up and no waiting.
Solid State Speed Control: A Solid State single dial speed control ensures accurate and repeatable operation from a highly reliable component.
Forward/Reverse Switch: Safety for all those valuable originals, with a flip of a switch!
Corrosion-Resistant Developer
Safety and Security

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