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Canon W2200 A3+

Key Features
Dependable colour accuracy
High resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi
Ultra high speed printing
Easy connection to PC/Mac network
High capacity, single ink tanks
Accepts a wide range of media

Exceptional colour accuracy
The 6-colour printing process used in the W2200 ensures that colours are printed more accurately - providing enhanced colour precision and greater tonal depth. A multi-nozzle print head enables exact ink delivery of microscopic droplets that are consistent in shape, size and density. Resulting in photo-quality printouts at an ultra high 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution.

High Print Speed
Accelerate your print output, thanks to the development of an extra wide, one-inch print head - combined with bi-directional print technology that provides continuous printing at every pass. 7,680 tiny nozzles distribute ink quickly and evenly, printing at 6 ppm on A3 plain paper, 1.3ppm on A3 glossy paper and 0.8ppm on A3+.* Thus decreasing print time while delivery superior quality.
*full colour printing, fast mode

Cost-cutting productivity
With the W2200, you can increase output while reducing costs. High capacity, single ink tanks for each colour can be changed separately to prevent wastage. Canon's ink level detection system constantly monitors ink levels. Within more productive environments, an optional cassette can be added to the standard 250-sheet plain media supply, so you can easily avoid costly print interruptions due to lack of ink or paper- making the W2200 the ideal choice for all your colour print projects.

Versatile and compact
Print on A3+ paper for proofing purposes right down to a small B5 size. The printer also accepts a wide range of media and paper thicknesses - making it suitable for extensive graphic applications, whether in professional print or office environments. Its compact, desktop design - complete with front-loading operation - makes it ideal for use even in limited workspaces.

Network compatibility
Share all the advantages of the W2200 and increase productivity further. The printer can be easily connected to your existing office network, whether PC or Mac, via its standard Ethernet interface. It also supports Canon's NetSpot(r) Suite management utility - facilitating operation, management and overall network control.
Safety and Security

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