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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet 90GP


Focus on your creativity with this professional, C+size photo printer, the HP Designjet 90. HP Professional Color Technologies deliver consistent color output with HP Vivera Inks and select HP papers provide exceptional fade resistance.

Experience professional color
Rich color depth and minimal dot visibility. Proprietary dye-based HP Vivera Inks in HP six-ink color printing work to deliver a wide range of colors, deeper blacks, continuous tones, and gloss uniformity. A four-picoliter ink-drop size maintains fine detail reproduction, especially in dark areas, and smooth tonal transitions.
Maximum color consistency. ee reliable, consistent color from print to print. HP invests in HP Professional Color Technologies making your color experience simple and straightforward. Plus, enjoy more robust color and job management capabilities.
New, revolutionary HP Vivera Inks. HP Vivera Inks are carefully engineered to work flawlessly with all parts of the printing system
Safety and Security

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