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Mutoh rj-900

The Mutoh DrafStation RJ-900, 42" (A0), four-colour inkjet printer has been specifically designed for CAD and GIS applications:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • Construction
  • Mechanical design
  • GIS applications

The printer comes supplied with a stand, but can be placed on a desk if required.

Key Features

  • 44 seconds per A1 print and 91 seconds per A0 print
  • Industry's highest resolution CAD printing - 1440 x 2880 dpi
  • Latest generation piezo variable drop inkjet head (CMYK)
  • Dedicated AutoCAD HDI driver
  • Special pigmented black inkset best suited to CAD
  • Crisp, sharp line plotting onto low cost media
  • Excellent output quality and quick drying
  • Good UV stability

More Information

The DrafStation RJ-900 incorporates a 'wide model' print head (4 colour sections, 360 nozzles/colour) which allows for very high resolution printing up to 2880dpi. The Drafstation RJ-900 delivers superior line sharpness and photo quality with continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide colour gamut.

Offering various print resolutions for various applications, DrafStation delivers a high speed 360dpi A1-size print in 44 seconds and an A0 size print in 91 seconds. The printer incorporates a special black pigmented ink offering excellent UV stability and enables production of super fast drafts on cheap media.

Safety and Security

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