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Mutoh 51in to 54in Take Up System

Standard ValueJet Printers up to 54”/1371mm incorporate a set of fixed scroller supports at the back.  These scroller supports/receivers enable non-motorised unwinding of 2”/3” media rolls up to a maximum weight of 19kg or a diameter of 150mm.  As an option, the 51“- 54” Mutoh Take-Up System(ZMY-14810) is available for the ValueJet VJ-1324.  This torque controlled continuous motorised Take-Up System will keep permanent tension on the prints coming off the printer.  Compatible with 2” and 3” core rolls, the Mutoh Take-Up System allows you to set the winding tension.  The Mutoh motorised Take-Up System is compatible with rolls up to 30kg or a maximum diameter of 130mm.  The Mutoh Take-Up System is equipped with repositionable flanges to easily and conveniently load and remove media rolls.  Maximum media width is 1371mm.

Specifications for 30kg Take-Up Systems for 51” -54” ValueJet Printers


Roll Weights

Up to 30kg

Maximum media width


Core roll compatibility

2” – 3”

Maximum Roll Diameter


Reposition flanges


Winding tension setting


ValueJet 51” to 54” Printer


О= optional

-= included



 DrafStation RJ-900X




Mutoh is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality wide format piezo drop on demand inkjet printers and sign cutting plotters, setting the standard for innovation, quality, excellent customer service and local presence.  Mutoh have been in business since 1953 starting with high end drafting machines, moving to pen/pencil plotter technology and cutting plotters and Mutoh has been active in the wide-format printer industry for more than 20 years.

Design Supply, a Mutoh Authorised Reseller, works closely with Mutoh to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities.  With more than 24 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.

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