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Mimaki JV300-130 Solvent outdoor large format printer

Mimaki JV300 high quality, production outdoor durable inkjet printer

Next generation printer with beautiful output and high productivity.

Mimaki's latest high performance JV300 Series sets a new benchmark for professional wide format printers. WIth the unrivalled versatility of multiple ink types, the JV300 delivers stunning photo-quality prints at class leading speeds and provides the ultimate wide format soltuion for sign and graphics professionals, sportswear and fashion manufacturers, print shops and more.

  Mimaki Sign & Graphics product range  Mimaki RasterLink Pro RIP software included   
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Range Specifications




 Mimaki JV300Mimaki JV300
Print Width1,361mm1,6210mm
InksSS21 / Sb53
Ink colours

SS21: CMYKcm OR, Lk, W

White available



Production Speed

SS21 - CMYK - banner
Super draft (360x360 1p Bi) - 105.9m2/h
Draft (540x720 2p Bi) - 63m2/h
High speed (540x360 3p Bi) 44m2/h
Standard (720x720 4p Bi) 29.5m2/h

Draft (540x720 4p Bi) - 32.7m2/h
High speed (720x720 6p Bi) 20.2m2/h
Standard (720x1440 12p Bi) 10.4m2/h

Sb53 - BMYK (DK)- transfer paper
Draft (540x360 2p Bi) - 71.2 m2/h
High speed (540x360 3p Bi) 44m2/h
Standard (720x720 4p Bi) 29.5m2/h

Media weight40kg
ConnectivityUSB2.0, LAN for email notification
RIP software included20x20-tick20x20-tick

Product Highlights

      • Fast printing speeds of up to 105.9m2 per hour
      • High quality print resolution of up to 1,440dpi
      • Two different printing widths - 1,361mm and 1,610mm
      • Choice of mutliple eco solvent and dye sub ink sets, including:
        • 9-colour options (SS21) - orange, light black and white inks
        • vibrant 6-colour dye sub options (Sb53)
      • UISS and optional MBIS III on-board 2 litre bulk ink system
      • MAPS3 with variable dot and large ink drop provides high quality at high speed
      • 3 way intelligent heaters.
      • Mimaki RasterLink 6 RIP software included as standard.

      Mimaki JV300 Video

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