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All Matrix Single Sided Laminator SH-530


The Matrix 530 is a totally new single sided laminator with a built in separator system

Design & Functionality

Designed for up to SRA2 size prints. Maximise performance and profitability by investing in a system that has a quick set up time and high speed performance


Semi-automatic feed with separator - work comes off finished ready for guillotine

Suitable for traditional offset and digital sheets

Side lays ensure prints are fed perfectly. Auto sheet register and overlap system via front guards


A superb investment for all printers. With no set-up charges you can keep your lamination work in-house and truly laminate on demand. Up to a maximum of 7* metres per minute.

laminates up to SRA2 (Max film width is 440mm)

quick set up time

high speed performance

semi-automatic feeder

built in separator - work comes out finished (ready for guillotine)

suitable for traditional offset prints and digital sheets

side lays ensure prints are fed centrally

auto sheet register and overlap system via front guards
Safety and Security

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