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Why Lease?

There are many reasons to Lease equipment, with the predominant one being that Leasing spreads the cost of equipment allowing you to use your cashflow elsewhere.

The benefits

  • Minimal cash outlay
  • Avoidance of obsolescence
  • Flexibility in payment terms and equipment
  • Conservation of the business’ working capital
  • Tax benefits - each lease payment (including large deposits) can be offset fully against pre-tax profit
  • Fast Application Turnaround
  • 100% Financing

Giving your business the power to grow

With Leasing arrangements, all payments are 100% Tax Allowable, often providing savings above paying cash.

Your monthly rentals are fixed at the outset of the agreement with no changes to them even if the interest rate changes. This helps you budget more efficiently.

Leasing allows you to keep your cash in the bank, only having to pay a minimum deposit (generally less than 10% of the cost).

Because Leasing spreads the cost of the equipment, you may find that you are able to afford a larger/more efficient printer than if you were paying cash for the goods. This can improve your business efficiency and profitability.

Keep up with your Competitors

Leasing allows you to obtain the equipment you need rather than only what you can afford to buy outright, allowing you to keep up with your competitors.

Leasing facilities

Leasing leaves other business or personal assets untouched with no need for security being taken against property. Guarantees for New Start businesses may be required.

Leasing facilities are stand alone and do not affect any existing borrowing/credit facilities that you may have (Bank/DTi Loans etc). For example, you can arrange a Lease ithout having to use any bank overdraft facilities saving you money on bank fees.


Our Leasing facilities are available from 1-5 years, paying monthly or quarterly.

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