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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet z6100 60in.

When it comes to speed, quality, and consistency, this HP large-format Designjet is hard to beat with over 1000 ft2 of output per hour, outstanding quality with HP Vivera pigment inks, and breakthrough consistency with an embedded spectrophotometer.

The fastest printer in its class see maximum speeds over 1,000 ft2 per hour. Shorten turnaround times and take on more projects. You can, when you have the fastest largeformat printer in its class at your fingertips. Easily print over 1,000 ft2 per hour on plain paper in Fast mode and over 250 ft2 per hour on photo paper in Fast mode. This HP Designjet delivers twice the performance (in any print mode) with HP Double Swath Technology.(3 With HP Double Swath Technology, plan on getting double the performance in color and black and white. The HP Designjet Z6100 Printer series includes eight HP printheads, which provide a wider print swath up to 1.8 inches and a high firing frequency, to deliver prints with amazing speed.
Print at top speeds and still get great output results with the first-ever Optical Media Advance Sensor. Contributing to this HP Designjet's radically fast speed is its Optical Media Advance Sensor, which improves paper advance control, so the printer can print at higher speeds and across environmental conditions without impeding image quality.
Unattended-even overnight-production-volume printing with media support up to 575 ft, like new HP jumbo rolls. Experience fewer interruptions with high-capacity 775 ml Original HP ink cartridges.

8 HP Vivera pigment inks. Work with millions of color combinations across a wide color gamut and across a wide range of media. With the HP three-black ink set matte black, photo black, and light gray produce a broad range of blacks and grays with smooth, subtle transitions, true gray neutrality, and rich black density. Now you can produce photographicquality images that are free of color casts. Grayscales that are
smooth. Line drawings that are crisp and sharp.
HP Vivera pigment inks last. Innovative HP Vivera pigment inks deliver an unmatched combination of outstanding photo-image quality, water resistance, and exceptional fade resistance. Prints produced on a range of HP media resist fading for over 1 year unlaminated and over 3 years laminated when displayed in or near a window. In interior display conditions away from direct sunlight, prints resist fading for over 200 years.
Outstanding image quality on a wide range of media including HP media designed with Vivera pigment inks. Print on a wide range of media and choose from over 50 Original HP media substrates for a broad set of applications including bond, coated, photo, and proofing papers; technical and graphic papers and films; and backlit, selfadhesive, banner and sign, fabric/textile, and fine arts printing materials. HP media and Vivera pigment inks are designed together so you get consistently outstanding image quality from photo-quality images to high-quality posters and banners to crisp line drawings you can count on.
HP's innovative printhead design-small drop sizes enable high-quality, high-speed production-volume printing.
Outstanding results Original HP supplies interact with the printer to optimise print quality and reliability.
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