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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet T610 44in CAD Printer


Print your CAD and GIS files in-house with this personal HP Designjet. HP Vivera Inks enable high-quality, professional output at fast speeds. And you can print with confidence knowing you're getting a reliable, compatible printer from a company you can trust.


Professional prints with neutral grays, true black, and impressive colors.

Attain exacting detail with gray HP Vivera ink and improved line accuracy to 0.1%, 0.0423 mm minimum line width
Present your professional best HP Vivera inks produce a wide range of colors, from vivid color to soft tones.
Posters, presentations make a powerful impression create hard-to-achieve tones with the Three-black ink set.
Depend on consistent, professional prints with over 20 HP media substrates designed to work with Vivera inks.

Produce projects with fast, efficient printers. Boost personal productivity

Print CAD & GIS projects quickly and accurately with HP Scalable Printing Technology
Take advantage of time-saving features enabled by intelligence built into Original HP printing supplies.
Handle prints right off the printer fast-drying HP Vivera inks produce smudge-resistant prints.

Rest assured a printer you can count on to deliver results you expect

Safe purchase this printer readily connects to operating systems and applications thanks to HP-GL/2.
The colors on the printed page match the colors on your screen with HP Professional Color Technologies.
Color emulation ensures that the colors produced are consistent-across select HP Designjet printers.
Safety and Security

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