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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet T1100 44in. CAD Printer

Empower CAD and GIS professionals with a reliable, large-format printer that they can effectively share. High-quality professional output is sure to impress clients, while convenient technical and manageability features enable confident workteam printing.

Produce exacting detail and precise, accurate line quality. Using the HP Three-black ink set including a gray HP Vivera Ink the system produces true neutral gray, accentuating the detail in your prints. Improved line accuracy to 0.1%(1 and 0.0423 mm minimum line width achieve outstanding horizontal-to-vertical line-width difference.
Present your professional best. HP Vivera Inks were designed specifically for the HP Designjet T1100 Printer series to produce a wide range of vivid colors. With the addition of gray ink, you achieve more accurate color and true neutral gray. So your prints have smooth area fills, more depth, and more subtle contrasts, from the most vivid color to the softest tones.
Posters, presentations make a powerful impression. Impress your audience. Produce outstanding image quality enabled by the matte black, photo black, and gray HP Vivera Inks in the Three-black ink set. Achieve hard-to-achieve tones like dark blacks and true neutral grays, even on glossy media, to bring a new level of clarity and professionalism to your work.
Your work is preserved with the smudge-resistant prints produced by fast-drying HP Vivera Inks. Rest assured that all the time and effort you put into each print is preserved. HP Vivera Inks achieve excellent dry times, producing prints with excellent smudge-resistance on a range of HP media.
Count on consistent, professional prints with over 20 Original HP media substrates designed together with HP Vivera inks to work better together.
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