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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet 510PS

HP Designjet 510ps 42 inch Printer CJ997A. Assume greater control over large-format CAD printing when you bring it in-house. Impress clients with a four-colour, high resolution (2400 x 1200 optimised dpi) printing system that delivers fine line quality and high accuracy. It's compatible with the latest applications and operating systems, offers HP-GL/2 support, and comes with 160 MB of memory. HP makes it easy and affordable for small studios to produce high-quality technical CAD prints in-house. Save the expense, hassle, and time it takes to outsource large-format prints and start doing it yourself.

Conveniently print CAD documents with print speeds up to 55 seconds for D/A1-sized documents
HP Instant Printing quickly print your HP-GL/2 and PLT files with the simple click of a button
Easily share this large-format Designjet among multiple users with optional network capability
Line Accuracy: 0.2%
Color: 0.07 mm (0.0027 in); black: 0.09 mm (0.0035 in) Minimum line width

Safety and Security

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