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Hewlett Packard HP Designjet 3D

Market and Applications and who uses this type of 3D printer

The HP Designjet 3D Printer Series are designed for engineers, designers, and educators who use 3D applications to create new products in consumer electronics, business equipment, automotive and aerospace industries. Minimise outsourcing costs and turn-around time by bringing 3D printing in house.

Whether you are an Engineering, R&D, or Product Manager, watch model costs drop dramatically while getting your designers the models they need with complete convenience and confidentiality. Engineers and Product Designers will enjoy the convenience of printing high quality models right next to their desks, in functional ABS plastic with the ease and flexibility expected of office printing. Get models quickly, affordably, without the need for expertise or manual post-processing.

HP Designjet 3D printers set the standard for clean, classroom-friendly, anyone-can-use 3D printing. Educators can gain access to affordable 3D printing technology as a tool for teaching model-making and prototyping, replacing manual model-making methods. Fully automated, the HP 3D solution doesn't require an expert to perform print management or finishing tasks, which lets teachers and students focus on what really adds value: learning how to design.

At Design Supply, a Designjet Specialist and HP Gold Partner, we work closely with HP to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities. With over 23 years of experience in the large format printer market, we offer expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.

Key features of the HP Designjet 3D Printer Series

The HP Designjet 3D Printer Series set the standard for clean, office-ready, anyone-can-use 3D printing. Fully automated, the HP solution eliminates the need for expert operators to perform management or finishing tasks, which lets design and engineering teams focus on what really adds value: designing. The printed output is exactly what is expected, every time, with the level of precision, functionality, and durability required at an affordable price.

Increase the impact of design with single-colour 3D models. Choose from over eight different and vibrant colours when using the HP Designjet Color 3D printer. Concept, presentation, or fit/form/function models are easily produced, helping compress time-to-market, enabling design reviews, marketing photos, packaging development, ergonomic testing, prototyping and customer/tradeshow samples with the HP Designjet 3D printing solution. .

Additional information and specifications

The HP Designjet 3D Printer Series includes two models, a single color (ivory), and an eight color (ivory, red, black, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue, grey).

The HP Designjet 3D Removal System removes supports from models automatically, right in the office. Special disposal methods or equipment are not typically required. The HP Designjet 3D Support Removal Powder Kit includes a fully-enclosed detergent so no gloves required. The solution removes the supports from models without creating a mess, making it an ideal solution for an office or classroom environment

More information on HP Designjet proprietary technologies

For over thirty years, HP has been transforming the way design professionals in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Geospatial and Graphics markets operate. In the late 1970's, HP developed the first pen plotter and HP-GL graphics language, now the industry standard. In the early 1990's, HP invented inkjet technology and applied it to Designjet printers, making large format printing in black-and-white easy, fast and affordable. HP continued to innovate, and introduced colour, faster printing speeds, and the ability to print high resolution images and complex files in large format in the same decade. In the new millennium, faster printing speeds and sunlight-resistant UV inks were introduced, allowing Print Service Providers and Graphics Designers to create applications for both indoor and outdoor use. Photographers began to adopt HP large format printing to replace silver halide, demonstrating HP's ability to deliver superior image quality with prints lasting up to 200 years. In 2010, with the rise of mobility and globalisation, HP launched its first generation of ePrinters with web-connectivity features and the first multifunction large format ePrinters with copying, scanning and printing in a single device. HP have shipped over 3 million Designjet printers around the world and are the leader in the market with the widest range of large format printers for design professionals, whether single or multi-user environments.

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