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Hang-A-Plan is a world renowned name that continues to lead the way to more efficient means of storing large quantities of plans and drawings.

Hang-A-Plan Front Load Wall Rack for 10 Binders A0
Accommodates A0, B1, A1 and A2 size plan binders. Wall mounting unit in heavy gauge steel with nylon coated black matt finish. Provides housing for 10 binders, holds up to 1200 drawings. Smooth action with hard-wearing nylon coated rail. WxDxH: 140x300x100mm
Hang-A-Plan General Front Load Trolley for 15 Bind
Made from 1 inch tubular powder coated steel. Accommodates A0, A1, A2 and B1 Hang-A-Plan binders. Holds up to 100kg weight (approx 15 binders and 1500 sheets). Ideal for architects and drafting office use. WxDxH: 500x800x1335mm
Hang-A-Plan Premium Front Load Trolley Large A0-B1
Suspension filing system for plans & drawings. The A0 trolley holds A0 and B1 binders. Ideal for construction & building sites. Trolley is nylon coated for a tough, anti-corrosive finish and is supplied in black only. Trolleys are fitted with a 5th wheel for improved mobility.
Hang-A-Plan QuickFile Front Load Binder
Easy to use with files that are constantly being revised or removed. Each binder has a 25mm capacity. Comes complete with index tabs, inserts and comfortable carry handle. 650mm / 800mm / 900mm
Hang-A-Plan Front Load Binder with Full-length Cla
Suitable for both front load and drop mount trolleys. Holds sheets of differing dimensions in the same file. Maximum sheet capacity per binder: 100 for AO, up to 150 for A1. 500mm, 650mm, 800mm & 900mm
Hang-A-Plan Drop Mount Trolley
Alternative to the single point hanging system of the Front Loader Trolley. Smooth action with hard-wearing rails. Accepts front loader binders with handles and drop mount binders. Available in A0 and A1 sizes.
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