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Graphtec SP200W A1 Large Format Scanner

Lightweight, compact desktop model
Save space with a compact arrangement of scanner and inkjet printer devices, even though the scanner is A0-size. This is a large-format digital multifunction peripher al device that can be used on a desktop. A high-stand model, the SP200W-06H, is also available. Selec t the model that best suits your needs.

Three modes for a variety of tasks
Three modes - SCAN, PRINT, and COPY - are provided. Select SCAN to convert drawings to electronic data, PRINT to output CAD drawings and to print posters and charts, and COPY to make color and monochrome copies. The SP200W will help you meet a varie ty of needs in your work, and expand the range of what you can accomplish.

Easy operation with Scanning ARTS SP
The dedicated Scanning ARTS SP software provided with the SP200W lets you scan, print, and copy just as you would with an office copier. A wide variety of data-save for mats - including PDF, JPEG, and BMP - are supported to allow you to use your data in different app lications. For example, you can easily generate a black-and-white copy of a blueprint simply by selecting the COPY mode.

An A0-size face-up scanner
Scanning can now be performed with the surface to be scanned loaded face-up. This feature enables you to check the document while it is being scanned, and helps to redu ce the number of small mistakes - such as loading the document in the wrong direction, docum ent skewing, or loading the wrong document.

Safety and Security

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