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Graphtec CS610

The CS610 series are high-performance 42'' wide full colour (24-bit) scanners that utalize Contact Image Senor (CIS) array technology for accurate, high-resolution scanning of documents from ISO A4 up to ANSI E-Size. The CS610 series is also designed to scan thick, rigid material up to 0.8'' thick.

The series comes in both standard and pro models. The standard model employs 800dpi optical resolution while the pro upgrades feature maximum optical resolution settings up to 9600dpi for superb accuracy and colour reproduction.

Scanning Speeds

Producing unparalleled scanning speeds of upto 3in/sec (colour) when scanning at 400dpi across a 42'' size image. These compact and lightweight scanners also have a superb scanning accuracy of 0.1%. The CS series is perfect for applications such as detailed road maps and complex drawings, graphics and illustrations - even extra-long documents.

Scanning Master 21+

The bundled, easy-to-use Scanning Master 21+ software for scanners provides a wide range of features, including a powerful backup solution for those using scanners. The software converts scanned data into digital data and offers simple data editing and correction functions. Click here for more information.

Scanning Master 21+ can also be upgraded to Scanning Master Pro Colour. The pro colour version is enhanced with various editing functions. Featuring a comprehensive set of correction functions, colour/text/selected range editing functions, and data management functions that facilitate information sharing, this versatile software is used with GIS and CALS/EC editing applications. Click here for more information.

CIS Scanning

All Graphtec scanners currently use the CIS sensor system, ensuring sharp, crisp and clear image reproduction. This technical advantage is further reinforced by a very accurate paper feed and hold technology. Even deep wrinkles on paper can be smoothed to provide optimal image reproduction. Graphtec scanners provide stunning high-resolution images compared to other products in the market. Graphtec scanners achieve a wider colour gamut using the CIS method instead of older CCD method. These are truly state-of-the-art scanners that not only meet the needs of industries requiring precise images such as civil engineering drawings, city planning drawings and apparel paper patterns, but also satisfy the needs of the graphic arts and printing industries. Click here for more information on CIS vs CCD scanning.
Safety and Security

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