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Graphtec CS600-11

42'' Wide, 24bit, 800dpi Colour Scanner

CS600,Series 42'' wide-format scanners for scanning,archiving, copying, and production of large-format artwork and other documents.

The CS600 Series are 24-bit, full-color scanners ideal for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/ CAD drawings.Each series offers a standard or advanced Pro model.

CS600 Series supports the ITA (Intelligent Thickness Adjustment) feature, allowing for scanning of thick medium up to 20.3 mm (0.8 inch). To load a medium using the ITA feature while automatically detecting its thickness, first press the ITA button to activate the function. Then gently push the top edge of the medium against the top cover, which allows the cover to rise up. After loading the medium, the cover closes to place it in position.

Safety and Security

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