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Gerber Solara UV2

The GERBER SOLARA UV2 is a large format, hybrid, ultraviolet (UV) inkjet printer. So versatile and intelligent, SOLARA UV2 prints either roll-to-roll or as a flatbed and can accommodate a variety of materials up to 60" wide including rigid materials up to 1/2" thick (13 mm). With only a small conversion process, the SOLARA UV2 can be easily switched to accept different material types, enabling shops to run a full material portfolio. SOLARA UV2 is ideal for shops specializing in durable outdoor/indoor signs, point-of-purchase displays, banners, and backlit signage, producing prints that are instantly dry and ready to cut and apply. The unique properties of the UV inks allow easy maintenance with low odor, no ventilation requirements, or harmful VOCs. Gerber's exclusive CMYKVG (violet, green) inks and multi-drop technology enable SOLARA UV2 to produce beautiful and vibrant colors.

Standard Features

Designed to receive jobs from a remote personal computer via an Ethernet connection, SOLARA UV2's user interface is simple and easy to use.

Consisting of operational and setup menus, operators can quickly navigate through the intuitive job and support options. ImageRIPTM Pro and ImageRIPTM Plus by Onyx are used to drive the SOLARA UV2. This system supports PostScript3TM and accepts most file formats including EPS, PDF, AI, TIFF (CMYK), and JPG (RGB). And for those shops that use Gerber's exclusive OMEGATM software, designs can be easily converted to an EPS format and then imported into the RIP. The ImageRIP series also supports print-to-cut using manual and automatic targeting plotters such as the GERBER P2CTM plotter line.

SOLARA UV2 uses print heads that employ multi-drop technology, which creates a multilevel color palette and prevents the spreading of ink drops, resulting in crisp, clear images.

Gerber's exclusive ultraviolet inkset - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Violet, and Green - provide an expanded color gamut. Gerber's unique color combination broadens the color density offerings and enhances the output of blues, greens, and violets, providing a true sign maker's gamut. With their ultraviolet properties, the inks form a mechanical bond to the substrate, eliminating vinyl adhesion loss and providing better abrasion resistance.

The inks are also extremely maintenance friendly, so print start ups are quick, ink supplies are optimised, and daily maintenance is minimized. Located inside the ink reservoir, two float sensors monitor ink levels and send signals to open the solenoid valves when ink levels become low. When the ink cartridges need to be replaced, the user interface displays an on-screen message.

Ultraviolet lamps are positioned on both sides of the print head assembly. Employing bi-directional printing, SOLARA UV2's print heads drop and cure the ink with every pass, increasing printing throughput.

SOLARA UV2's versatile and distinct printing methods allow shops to meet diverse customer needs. For applications that require printing on flexible materials, such as banner, vinyl, and backlit materials, shops can print via roll-to-roll.

When applications require rigid materials, such as foam board, corrugated plastic, polycarbonate, expanded PVC, aluminum and MDO, shops can utilize SOLARA UV2's flatbed.

The roll-to-roll method incorporates an easy access material handling system for quick material changes. Simply load and feed. The material handling system maintains consistent material tension, which eliminates any banding due to material pull deficiencies. The material flow stays consistent with the pinch roller holding the material to the grit wheel. SOLARA UV2 accepts materials up to 60" wide and includes an automated winder for take-up purposes.

SOLARA UV2's flatbed tables are constructed of industrial grade aluminum and support up to a 5' x 10' rigid material sheet. Changing printing formats is a simple one man operation, just roll the front and rear tables up to the SOLARA UV2, hook them on, and SOLARA UV2 is ready to print.

The GERBER SOLARA UV2 inkjet printer is part of Gerber's Matched Technology SystemTM which provides users with a complete, integrated solution, start-to-finish. With Gerber products and Gerber's renown Matched Technology System, there are no surprises, just cost-effective, top-quality results.

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