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Epson color proofer 7600

Large Format Stylus Pro 7600 with Fiery PostScript RIP & UltraChrome(tm) Ink Incorporating powerful Fiery RIP software from EFI, the new Color Proofer 7600 offers a complete large format Postscript solution, running on the Windows platform.

The Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 software incorporates Colorwise 3.0 advanced colour management for the complete range of EPSON large format media, and a high quality EPSON halftoning module for smooth gradients and stunning prints.

Features include industry standard press and proofing simulations, visual tiling and nesting, hot folder support, print preview, Fiery Web Tools software, 'Spot On' Pantone spot colour support and an ICC profile downloader for custom profiles.

The Color Proofer 7600 features a new advanced Micro Piez printhead technology and 7-colour UltraChrome(tm) ink system. It offers unparalleled output quality with the highest resolution available at 2880dpi, and its low running costs deliver cost effective prints every time.
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