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No larger image available for the Brigadier Grand SolventBrigadier Grand Solvent - 102 - 2591mm
Ideal for sign makers focusing on high volume production of outdoor prints. Also includes revolutionary i2 technology producing impeccable prints every time.Using solvent inks, the Uniform Brigadier Grand prints directly onto standard available uncoated vinyl, banner and soft signage materials with a maximum media width up to 2604 mm (102.52) and a printing width up to 2594 mm (102.13).i Intelligent Interweaving print technology means the Uniform Brigadier Grand delive...Continue Reading
No larger image available for the Grenadier G1 SolventGrenadier G1 Solvent - 2A0 - 54 - 1372mm
Come and see the Uniform Grenadier in action and you'll see just why Image Reports Magazine named it as one of their Products of the Year.The Uniform Grenadier is the UK market leader in solvent inkjet printing, with more systems installed and operational around the UK than any other solvent printer brand. The Grenadier printer has cemented this No. 1 position because of its ability to print at high speed, in stunning quality, onto the widest possible range of uncoated vinyls,...Continue Reading
No larger image available for the Grenadier G2 SolventGrenadier G2 Solvent - 2A0 - 54 - 1372mm
Engineered for around-the-clock high volume productionBulk Ink system fitted as standardIntroducing the Grenadier G2 printer, with bulk ink as standard. Get loads more metres per litre. The G2 Grenadier is faster, cheaper to run, has all the benefits that made the original award-winning Uniform Grenadier the market leading professional solvent inkjet printer, and has running costs so low, competitors that own anything other than Grenadier G2, well, they simply cease to...Continue Reading
No larger image available for the Grenadier GFX G2 SolventGrenadier GFX G2 Solvent - 102 - 2591mm
You used to have to choose between quality and speed. The GFX-G2 gives you both...As the latest addition to Uniform grand format printer line, the Grenadier GFX-G2 merges maximum performance, reliability, and productivity in an easy to operate platform. Designed specifically for the high volume, print-for-pay market, the GFX-G2 offers a unique combination of blistering speed and high quality. Innovative engineering and ultra-wide print heads deliver a top print speed of 90 sq.m/hr...Continue Reading
No larger image available for the Grenadier UV SolventGrenadier UV Solvent - 4A0+ - 98 - 2489mm
Competitively priced ideal entry level UV flatbed & roll to roll printerThe latest addition to the Uniform family is Grenadier UV, which is making its debut at Sign UK and offers roll-fed and flat-bed UV-curable printing at a price point of less than £40,000. Available in CMYK plus white or CMYKLcLm plus white, it has a maximum print width of 1.62 m and outputs at up to 720 dpi.Our Uniform Grenadier UV leads the market for quality UV printers without the expe...Continue Reading
No larger image available for the Lancer G1 SolventLancer G1 Solvent - A0+ - 42 - 1067mm
Affordable and versatile high quality outdoor printing for the smaller sign shops!The Uniform Lancer G1 is specifically targeted at smaller sign shops looking for an affordable and versatile printer able to produce outdoor durable graphics on a selected range of inexpensive Uniform substrates.The 42 inch (1080mm) wide Uniform Lancer G1 offers high resolution, highly durable (even without lamination) print performance in a package so affordable, absolutely anyone can no...Continue Reading