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Hewlett Packard Designjet 10000s Printer series

Expand your business with the high-quality superwide 264 cm HP Designjet 10000s Printer series. Increase sales with new services and offerings, and increase revenue with media handling tools that enhance productivity and easy-to-use supplies.

Boost business with high-quality 264 cm signage

Impress customers with new, durable high-quality super wide 264 cm applications. Increase your application span with extra width and provide more options to customers attracting a wider customer base and a larger portion of the market.

High productivity and printing on uncoated media for lower running costs and greater ROI. Produce great looking, lasting output on uncoated media and increase the return on your investment. Combine lower running costs with high-power productivity for a very safe, profitable investment.

Expand your reach with digital technology this HP Designjet is your answer to shorter print runs. This printer has the speed and low running costs that make digital technology not only attractive today but also financially feasible.

High-power productivity tool

Heavy-duty HP printheads and HP supplies for maximum productivity. Experience high-speed printing with six heavy-duty Piezo printheads that come with 512 nozzles per head for a total of 3,072 nozzles. 1000 ml, HP 790 ink cartridges are designed to meet your usage needs.

HP s super heavy duty take-up reel supports rolls weighing up to 110 kg. Sophisticated media handling with a super heavy duty take-up reel supports 2 preloaded rolls for side-by-side printing. Enhance productivity with the added convenience of long, unattended print runs, and experience greater efficiencies overall.

HP Smart printing technology makes HP low-solvent printing supplies easy to use and manage. Interactive system technology, in HP ink cartridges, printheads, and your printer, optimises print quality and reliability and monitors ink levels.

Dry signs quickly and safely with the easy-to-operate HP Designjet 264 cm High Speed Dryer(5. Add this optional high-speed dryer and accelerate drying time. Combine the dryer with the automatic Take-Up Reel Kit and enable long, unattended print runs at maximum print speeds.

Safety and Security

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