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Contex IQ4490 wide format scanner

All new with market leading CIS quality

Connects directly to your global network, for maps and technical documents - up to 44" wide

IQ large-format scanners offer you an outstanding collaborative workflow whether you work with in-house scanning activities or in project groups of global players. Using simple one-touch buttons you can scan directly over the network to your desk and continue working instantly. You get exceptional professional-grade quality with true 1200dpi optical resolution and patented technologies that ensure accurate results the first time.

Whether you are in a private business or government, the Contex IQ 4400 series is designed for collaboration projects through occasional scanning or the creation of digital archives. The 44" imaging area delivers clean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps.

i1 profiles from X-Rite

Using X-Rite generated profiles ensures the highest possible color accuracy for the demanding customers. X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology.

Adobe RGB, Device RGB and sRGB

Contex IQ series scanners have several different options for color space. In addition to the common sRGB the IQ scanners also offers colour spaces with wider gamut as preferred by color specialists.

Adobe RGB and Device RGB has a larger colour gamut than sRGB, hereby allowing differences in very bright and saturated colours to be maintained in the file.

Contex Natural Light

IQ scanners use new CIS modules with dual diffusion. By using correct diffusion in IQ scanners you get the most natural light in any CIS scanner.

Contex New Dual Diffusion CIS Modules in IQ scanners ensures the most natural representation of any image.

New in IQ scanners: Live matching of CIS modules.

While scanning Contex Live Matching technology will monitor images and correct differences from one CIS module to the next. Without this there might be noticeable difference between CIS modules.

Traditional CIS scan without live matching showing the left side is darker than the right side.

This unique technology is a key part of providing Market leading CIS solutions.

New CFR Technology

Contex innovative Color Fringe Removal has been further improved with the IQ scanners. Color fringe is a result of CIS scanners using flashing red, green and blue LED lights. This causes black lines and text to have coloured edges especially when scanning at lower resolutions.

Traditional CIS scan without CFR of a typical 10 pt text. Notice the coloured edges on the letters.

Connects directly to your global network

Work faster and save money by scanning and copying wide format drawings, plans, and technical documents right where you work. Scan changes to drawings, documents, and blueprints and e-mail to clients and colleagues instantly. Using simple one-touch buttons you can scan directly over the network to your desk and continue working instantly. This scanner is a table model and will fit directly on any office desk.

Unibody CIS Technology

Contex patented Unibody CIS technology, a unique image-capture design, based on a single aluminium extrusion and custom CIS modules ensuring market leading accuracy in every image.

Improve your workflow and communicate effectively

Avoid delays and save on courier and out-of-house printing expenses. This professional sheet-feed plug and play scanner fits with your existing software and printers. Get precise, accurate images with high 1200 DPI optical resolution and save on file space with intelligent 8-bit indexed colour capture - ideal for archiving many types of files. Also available as MFP solutions with your existing printer for easy scan-to-copy.

New high standards

Contex sets the highest standards in scanning technical documents, maps and drawings. The IQ 4400 is built to withstand high-volume use on daily basis and is available in a new sleek and lightweight design. With IQ 4400 you get a total scanning solution with leading-edge software and network connectivity that fit your existing tools and business processes.

PageDrop Enabled

Any PageDrop enabled Contex scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations. PageDrop does not require a PC. Instead it simply utilizes your smart phone or tablet to control the process. Load the document, scan the QR code, and send the document directly to your desired destination.

Key Features

Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2 standard

Scanner sharing across a network, and sending files to remote desktop

Enhanced image quality with Contex patented CIS technology and new CIS modules

Superior image quality with Contex patented colour-fringe removal (CFR)

ENERGY STAR compliant, using just 1W in standby

1200dpi optical resolution standard

44" wide document handling

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for a perfect grip on your documents

See what you scan with face-up scanning

One-touch scanning

User upgradable - More speed. Upgrading is electronic, fast and easy

Safety and Security

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