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Contex Contex SD One MF Scanners (24,36,44)

Market and Applications and who uses this type of large format printer

The new Contex SD One MF Scanners are a new concept in multifunction solutions, designed to optimise processes in all parts of the construction lifecycle management. WiFi enabled and with an integrated tablet screen to for intuitive touch screen operation, SD One MF Scanners are ideal for the AEC, CAD, and GIS markets. Available in three sizes: 24-inch/A1, 36-inch/A0, and 44-inch/A0+, Contex SD One MF Scanners are an intelligent collaboration tool for teams that wants to save time, costs, and space when scanning oversized engineering and construction drawings in-house.

Contex SD One MF Scanners scan all wide format documents and save them according to each user's unique personal profile with preferences stored, whether emailing or saving to a preferred folder in a single step. With the on-board touchscreen tablet, mark-ups and sharing is possible, without printing files. When printing is required, the SD One MF Scanners fully integrate with all major printer brands, offering flexibility to link this powerful scanner with any choice of printer.

Design Supply, a Contex Accredited Partner, works closely with Contex to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities. With more than 27 years of experience in the large format market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.

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