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Contex Contex HD3650 MFP

Contex HD3650 MFP Scanner (inc Nextimage TOUCH) - 36in - Mid Volume - Mono/Mid Volume - Colour

Productive printers and quality service mean profits for your business. But multiple systems software and printers can slow things down compromising service and your business. Simplyfy your workflow and maximise printer productivity with a common front-end that works your existing equipment. This high speed versatile scanner distributes colour and monochrome printing jobs and keeps your printers running at full speed. Capture any document type in the highest quality - fast.

Whats in the box:
HD3650 Scanner/Stand/Nextimage TOUCH/Touchscreen Monitor

Print for Pay/Graphic Design/Education/GIS/Fine Art

Width / Size / Capacity:

Ink Compatibility:

Machine Compatibility:

Packaging Dimensions:
1600mm x 680mm x 600mm

Weight (in kilos):

2 Years RTB Warranty
Safety and Security

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