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Colortrac SmartLF Cx40

provide fast, high quality scans, copies or digital file distribution of wide format maps, engineering drawings, blueprints, site plans, architectural renderings, newsprint and many other large format technical documents.

SmartLF Cx 40 wide format scanners are ideal for AEC, CAD, GIS & Reprographics applications in any size enterprise.

There are three SmartLF Cx 40 large format scanner models with performance levels and features optimised for different applications. If your requirements change, the m & c models can be upgraded at your premises quickly and easily using our simple scanner upgrade process.

Innovative large format scanner design utilising high quality Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology to provide 600dpi optical resolution (25,500 pixels, RGB triplets) and 40" image width.

All SmartLF Cx 40 wide format scanners capture monochrome at high speed with very sharp, clean black & white images and finely rendered greyscale reproduction.

Two colour models offer a choice of fast or express scan speed; both come with Colortrac, best-in-classCIS colour image quality ~ built in

Whatever the application, SmartLF Cx 40 is an easy to use, customer Installable wide format scanner that provides high performance, great images and exceptional value for money ~ straight out of the box
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