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Design Supply Limited 30 Day Credit Account Application Form

Please complete the form below to apply for a 30 day Credit Account with Design Supply. Alternatively, you can download the form and fill it in off-line.

1. Company Information - Limited Company
Company Name (Registered Name):
Company Registration Number:
Abbreviated Name (If Applicable):
VAT Registration Number:
Registered Address and Postcode
Invoice Address (if different) and Post Code:
Part of Subsidiary? Yes / No
If Yes, parent company name and address:
Main Telephone Number:
Company Website:
Credit Limit Requested:
2. Company Information - Non Limited Company
Trading Name:
VAT Registration Number:
Company Website:
Main Telephone Number:
Proprietor Full Name, Private Address and Postcode:
Previous Address (If occupied for less than 3 years):
Trading Address and Post Code:
Invoice Address (If different):
3. Company Information - General
Legal Status:
Nature of Business:
No. Years Trading:
4. Contact Information
Main Contact Name:
Contact Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Contact Email:
5. Accounts Department Information
Accounts Contact Name:
Contact Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Contact Email:
Invoice Email (if different):
Please note that Design Supply Invoice & Statements will be sent directly to the email address listed under �Invoice Email�
6. Trade References
First Company Name:
Contact Name:
Second Company Name:
Contact Name:
7. Bank Details & Authorised Consent (This is not a direct debit mandate)
Your Bank:
Bank Address:
Account Name:
Sort Code:
Account Number:
I authorise the above bank to provide a Bankes Opinion. (NB: This must be a signatory on the above account)
Position Held:
8. Declaration
We request that credit facilities be provided for this Company. By signing this agreement we agree that;
  • We have read and understand the terms and conditions.
  • The information supplied in this form is factual.
  • All cash settlements will be met.
  • Invoices are to be paid in full, 30 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Design Supply Limited.
  • The title of all goods will remain with Design Supply Limited until paid for in full.

We understand that credit will only be granted subject to the establishment of satisfactory status and adequate references.

Design Supply Limited may make a search with a credit reference agency, which will record and share that information with other businesses.

Design Supply Limited will also monitor and record information relating to your trade performance and such records will be made available to credit reference agencies who will share that information with other businesses in assessing applications for credit and fraud prevention.

This information may also be made available to other organisations to assess applications for credit.

By submitting this form, you are electronically signing this agreement and are bound by the committments above.

Position Held:
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