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Government and large business environments such as telecom’s, retail giants and construction companies often use Citrix applications. With the ever-increasing numbers of customers choosing Canon printers for their large format output, we’re proud to say that the new Canon imagePROGRAF TM and TX  series are “Citrix ready” and will provide the ideal large format print solution for any customer working in that environment.

The World needs Pigment ink prints. Sunshine fades Dye prints quickly and rain causes Dye inks to run. The Canon TM imagePROGRAF series use long lasting Pigment inks which means that drawings, posters and photos won’t fade easily, so they’re great for longer lasting applications including window displays and outdoor work. They’re also water resistant, so builders using CAD drawings can still see all of the crisp, clear details even if it’s raining and outdoor posters and banners last much, much longer. 

The Canon TX and TM series can print from all modern Adobe applications including Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign with stunning detail and line accuracy, handling Pdf’s with complex layers with ease. The printer and software work in tandem to interpret files without the need for a costly PostScript upgrade, making your budget go further and offering class-leading value for money in the Large Format Printer market. Pdf files of all sizes can be printed with extreme precision on the Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers, with multiple options available for job submission. Use the top-mounted USB port for direct print from a memory stick or FTP File Direct Print for remote printing scenarios or the Windows or Mac Drivers or maybe use the Canon Direct Print and Share batch printing tool that provides easy submission of multiple jobs, and even desktop ‘hot folder’ style shortcuts to minimize time spent setting up print jobs.

The Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers are finest quality printers that money can buy and can utilise a vast array of roll fed media…but what happens on the rare occasion that you need to print onto cut sheet media? The TM series have a conventional top-load facility for single sheet feeding, but that’s not available on the TX and PRO. 
No problem! The TX and PRO machines can accept sheets of media too, but it loads manually from the front. Sounds like it might be a little tricky though right? Not in the slightest. Just a few simple steps and you’re ready to print
Select cut sheet media on the touch-screen panel and tap to load paper.
Open the cover and release lever, insert your media while taking care to align it with the orange guides.
Close the lever and top cover and allow the printer to prepare it for printing.

All done!

Professional Print & Layout (PP&L) tool …soft proofing!
When using a good standard and well calibrated hi-res monitor, soft proofing gives you the 
ability to see a simulation of how the image will look when printed, based on your chosen media profile. 
Ensuring that the colours and tones will look the same on your chosen paper as they do on the screen 
helps avoid costly mistakes, wasted time and materials.  
Soft proofing is great for professional photographers that print, display and sell their work, but it’s also 
incredibly important to production environments who need to get a good representation of the colours, 
etc. prior to launching a large print run. Please contact us for your free copy.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TX series dedicated basket/stacker unit will stack up to 100 large format prints, perfectly, and in the correct order, so there’s no need to waste time and effort collecting armfuls of rolled up prints and collating them manually. The basket stacker replaces the standard catch basket and works perfectly in conjunction with the single and dual roll versions of the TX series.


In terms of data processing, the new imagePROGRAF TM series’ enhanced data processing capabilities make it two times faster than the older iPF models. This increased processing power enables the new TM-300 and TM-305 to complete an A1 drawing in about 21 seconds and an incredible 144 pages of continuous A1 prints every hour!

Let’s analise that further. The value of ink used to complete that 144 page print run of the industry standard test image* is a measly £30...roughly the same price that you could currently be paying for only a handfull of prints from a local printshop. 
Within a few weeks or months of purchase, a TM-300 and TM-305 would have paid for itself.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Affordable, effortless, speed and precision

Exciting news for our Pro Photographer, Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series customers! 
We have just launched its Professional Print and Layout software (PPL) exclusively for the PRO range of Canon large format printers, simplifying functions essential for professional photo printing.
PPL can be accessed as a stand-alone program or as a plug-in from programs such as Canon Digital Photo Professional as well as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The easy to use interface allows for quick navigation of printer settings, image layout and colour management. You can input images directly into template layouts via drag and drop, providing photographers with more freedom to easily create final print jobs and achieve the results you expect from a world leader in imaging technologies.

The Canon TX-3000/4000 and new TM-300/305 are incredible large format printers, combine one with a T36 scanner and they’re Instantly  transformed into a powerful, easy to use, true multifunction device.

The scanner/printer combo is fast, highly accurate and simple to use. You can print a document while scanning another, no stopping or waiting for the process to finish, saving you time and money. The solution even enables you to scan rigid originals of up to 2mm thick thanks to its straight paper path ability.


We are pleased to announce that the imagePROGRAF PRO, TX and the new TM series of printers are now supported by the latest RIP solution Mirage 4. 

Mirage 4 includes support for Adobe CC 2019 and Mac OS Mojave (10.14) as well as a whole host of great additional features. 
Image editing directly in Mirage 4.0
Adjustment of image sharpness.
Full 16-bit support of print data.
The new “Loupe” zoom function.
Pixel-accurate print preview.
Support of Photoshop filters.
Faster print preview.
Real 64-bit structure, even on Mac.
Chroma Optimizer selection for Canon PRO printers.
Loading of custom media.

The latest large format printer has arrived!  The incredible Canon imagePROGRAF TM series of wide format printers for CAD, AEC, GIS and Poster printing. 
The ground-breaking TM-200/205 (24”) and TM-300/305 (36”) utilise the amazing new Pigment TD inks and PF-06 print-head to produce great quality, high resolution prints using UV stable, water resistant inks. 
The TM series are up to 60% quieter and 10% faster than the current iPF CAD machines and boast the smallest footprint in their class. Now your space constrained customers can easily slot a brand new Canon wide format printer into their office with no concerns about print noise.

The Canon PRO series’ single printhead is engineered to contain 18,432 nozzles, that’s thousands more than other products and so allows the Canon large formt printers to operate at faster print speeds while maintaining the ability to produce genuine, high definition prints.
Canon print heads also contain sensors that continuously monitor the ink ejection and head status to ensure optimum efficiency and superb print results.
By shining light across the path of the ejected ink, every droplet is counted by a sensor so if one of the nozzles fails to eject ink it is immediately compensated for by another nozzle. No time lost, no quality compromised.
Nozzle compensation also reduces the frequency at which head cleaning is required. By reducing unnecessary head cleaning, you save valuable ink and time.

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO and TX range have intelligent paper feed systems. This helps avoid paper feed and print errors due to the media not being straight. Although the printer’s automatic Skew Detection will usually de-skew the media without intervention, this error can also be due to the Skew Detection Accuracy being incorrectly set. You can easily reset the Skew Detection to Standard by following these steps. On the Touch Screen LCD simply tap the paper that is skewed (Roll 1 or 2) to open the sub menu.Tap Advanced. Tap Skew Detection Accuracy. Select Standard. In extreme circumstances realigning the media may require manual intervention by lifting the media cover and paper lever and then straightening the media against the orange line on the right of the platen (A). To make life even easier,the touch screen LCD panel will guide you through every step.

Canon printheads are incredible precision instruments, so the actual alignment is crucial to achieving the professional results that only Canon printers can. Occasionally, all large format printers may experience slight misalignment of the printheads resulting in fine lines or misplaced colour on the print where the printhead has shifted microscopically. Possibly due to vibrations when the printer is being relocated.

The remedy for misalignment couldn’t be easier, and you can be printing fantastic results within seconds, with no technical know-how required. On the PRO and TX series for example, you can execute the following sequence via the touch screen.

LCD on the printer. Tap Maintenance.Tap Print Head Alignment. Select Auto (standard) or Auto (fine). Confirm Yes and select the paper source. A test pattern will be generated while the printhead is realigned automatically by the printer. Job done!

World Press Photo is recognised as the most anticipated and important international photojournalism contest. 

From July 27th until September 23rd, World Press Photo Foundation will be displaying 137 winning photographs from various categories at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico.

Four and a half thousand professional photographers, photojournalists and documentary makers from across the

Globe have submitted over 73,000 images, the 137 finalists had their images printed on the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000, taking advantage of the printer’s incredible true-to-life print quality.

Over seventy thousand people will view the finished prints, so exceptional detail, clarity, colour, and the ability to duplicate the captured image precisely are essential to the artist…qualities that only the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series can provide!

The hot weather may mean you need to colour calibrate your large format printer, as all printers can be affected by changes in their environment. Changes such as seasonal temperature and humidity may cause the colour representation to change slightly. There is a colour calibration feature in the Canon imagePROGRAF graphics machines to compensatefor those changes.
Executing colour calibration from the printer control panel will print a test pattern (built into the printer).this is then automatically read by the printer sensor toinstantly set the correct colour values.

On the PRO Series for example, simply tap Maintenance on the LCD screen,then tap Color Calibration and then Auto Adjust. Click Yes to confirm and watch it do its magic! In just a few minutes, you can ensure that their prints remain faithful to their artistic vision.

The imagePROGRAF TX series of large format printers are now compatible with software offered by System Development, Inc. (SDI), a software solution that is very popular in the oil and gas industry due to its accurate printing of specialised documents and complex graphics files in a variety of formats.
Combining SDI with Canon's powerful imaging technology allows you to print extremely large files, and is the latest collaboration with third-party developers to broaden the possibilities of Canon's award-winning printing solutions. 
The new Lucia TD Pigmented ink set supplied with the TX range offers excellent water and UV resistance when paired with suitable outdoor papers. You can now confidently take your large format prints to site come rain or shine.

Every imagePROGRAF TX large format printer and MFP can be equipped with a second roll unit, either for use as a take-up unit for jobs that require post-print finishing, for continuous printing, or simply for keeping two different types of media loaded at the same time for simple auto-switching. Using the multi-talented TX Series, you can get great prints on media such as scrim banner, outdoor polypropylene and photographic papers too – something that traditional Dye based printers just can’t achieve!
But one unique, time-saving feature of the first and second roll is the amazing self-loading capability that makes your working day even easier. 
Just place the roll in the holder, let it go and walk away….! The TX performs its auto-loading magic and is ready to print in seconds, no fuss and no guesswork.

Once installed, relocating a large format printer has traditionally been a labour intensive and high waste exercise if the printer needs to be heavily tilted, involving draining valuable ink from the printer’s system into the maintenance cartridge, thereby making it unusable, and the whole process a costly exercise!
This would typically be the case when moving machines between sites, taking them up and down staircases and tilting them to a high degree to get around tight corners or into lifts. Luckily, Design Supply are here to help and this practice is fast becoming a thing of the past thanks to the unique sub-tank and modular chassis system introduced by the Canon PRO and TX series of Canon large format printers, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over the life of your large format printer if a site relocation or two are required.

The Canon TX series can print from all modern Adobe applications including Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign with stunning detail and line accuracy, handling Pdf’s with complex layers with ease.  The Canon hardware and software work in tandem to interpret files without the need for a costly postscript upgrade, making your budget go further and representing class-leading value for money in the Large Format Printer market.

Pdf files of all sizes can be printed with extreme precision on the Canon imagePROGRAF TX series of printers, with multiple options.
a) USB port for direct print from a memory stick b) Via FTP File Direct Print for remote printing scenarios
c) Via the Windows or Mac Drivers d) By using Canon’s Direct Print & Share batch printing tool that provides easy submission of multiple jobs, and even desktop hot folder style shortcuts to minimize time spent setting up print jobs

Upgrade your Canon iPF670 and iPF770 printer to transform it into a fully functioning Canon Multifunction Solution.
Large format scan, copy and print is essential to many businesses on a budget, and with a quick and simple upgrade to your iPF670 and iPF770 device you’ll will be up and running in no time!
If your printer serial number begins with BACH or BACR, by simply adding the appropriate Canon Le scanner you can benefit from low cost, efficient, PC-less scan to copy operation. The iPF670 and iPF770 L36e MFP are the most simple, cost effective solutions to date. With fast scans of 3 inches per second and crisp 600dpi optical resolution, touch screen operation, scan to USB, network and cloud, you will be amazed by the value and additional benefits of this easy to use solution.
The Canon imagePROGRAF TX-2000, TX-3000 large format printers have now been Citrix Ready Certified and the TX-4000 will follow shortly – this means that they can easily be deployed within large workgroup environments that use a distributed client/server Windows platform.
Citrix allows multiple users to access programs, such as MS Office, and create files that are stored in a central area rather than installing The software on their PC’s. Essentially they’re using their computer to access another computer that houses the software, etc. Later, any files that the user has created can only be accessed via Citrix, but can be accessed from any PC using their personal login details.

Productivity should be a major concern for any business. Our customers need to produce as many high-definition large format prints that they can in as little time as possible and they can’t afford the unnecessary downtime while changing inks and additional costs of ordering replacements.
The new Canon imagePROGRAF TX-3000 T36 is high in productivity and low in downtime. Compared to its closest competitor, HP’s T3500MFP, the advantages are clear. With a continuous print speed of up to 20% higher and scan speeds that are twice as fast, you could realise a massive increase your throughput and profitability. 

The TX-3000 also ships with a massive 970ml of ink, that’s 40% more than offered by the T3500. Imagine that…40% more print, straight from the box!

The new imagePROGRAF TX range of large format printers can handle a huge variety of different applications due to their innovative, vibrant, pigment inks. The TX range also come with an impressive list of 63 pre-installed media profiles, including the following:
CAD plain papers down to 75gsm uncoated paper with several options for ink usage. Coated papers up to 120gsm. Photo gloss & satin papers from 170gsm to 280gsm. Tracing papers and clear films for CAD and screen printing. A selection of polypropylene outdoor medias. A Selection of self-adhesive vinyl and a selection of water resistant scrim banner vinyl backlit film.

In addition, you have the facility to create your own custom media types and profiles.

Things never stand still at Canon’s imagePROGRAF Research and Development area, and we continue to work hard to come up with new and innovative ways to help you get the very best from your large format printer.
Continuing to develop and release new firmware is a great example of just how much we care about you receiving upgraded tools to increase your productivity while making and saving money with every print. This week the firmware for the new TX series of printers has been upgraded from 1.02 to 1.10.
Version 1.10. brings increased print speeds on the TX series of around 10% for line drawings and text on coated papers and full colour images on both coated and photo papers.

Last year we introduced a new range of graphics large format printers that delivered several upgraded features over the previous range. Upgrades included enhanced inkset providing greater durability and scratch resisitance, a new Chromo optimiser for lifting colour and bringing images to life and the new dual roll system for auto switching of media.
One other key upgrade sits beneath the covers of the printer, this feature not only enabled us to shrink the footprint of the large format printer but also increases production by up to 15% against previous models. This key feature is the precision ‘unibody’ chassis that is now the standard within the Pro series and newly released TX range.
The unibody design provides the ultimate rigid platform for the print head carriage which minimises vibration and distortion generated by print head movement. This enables the ink droplets to land on the paper with outstanding accuracy.

The new Canon imagePROGRAF TX series can process CAD data, including HP-GL/2, at up to twice the speed of previous models thanks to the incredibly powerful dual Canon L-COA PRO processors built into every large format printer in the range, leading to tangible productivity gains that mean less time spent waiting at the printer and more time designing and generating business.
Canon developed the original L-COA chip specifically for large format printers in order to process high-volume image data at high speed, while simultaneously controlling the image processing and printer functions, and still output incredible high-definition prints.  An amazing feat of engineering developed entirely in-house based on our heritage in producing image processing engines for scanners, large format printers and our vast range of photographic equipment.

The Canon imageRUNNER Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) can produce an enlarged copy of a scanned original or a direct copy to print with any of the Canon imagePROGRAF wide format printer range.
Using the Canon ImageRUNNER utility, you can create up to 5 hot-folders which can be individually configured to meet their preferred output size and quality needs. Once created, you can simply scan their document to the chosen folder and Canon will do the rest! Within minutes your A4 print becomes an A1 or even bigger – printer model dependant!

The new Canon imagePROGRAF TX series large format  printers: TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000 come with the universal Windows printer drivers.and you can print from any of the TX series printers without the need to obtain and install a different driver for each model, ideal for large corporations or in fact any environment where many people share a printer over a network.

This makes it simple to add more TX models to the network and amounts to a massive saving of time and effort for users and system administrators. You can also configure media type settings on the printer's operation panel and the suitable print quality settings are applied automatically, with no need to specify the type of media in the printer driver. This automated configuration at the time of printing eliminates inconsistent settings on printers and in the printer driver, enabling an efficient printing environment with the right results every time.

If your large format printer is situated on a soft or carpeted surface, it’s possible that the floor’s surface could result in some subtle shaking of the machine and print carriage as the printhead passes over the media and microscopic drops of ink are fired at the paper surface.

In many printers, this could cause colour discrepancies and a loss of image quality and sharpness on your prints. However, on the multi-award winning Canon PRO Series range, the Canon multi-sensor built into the printhead carriage detects any colour discrepancies that may occur and adjusts the ink ejection timing accordingly to correct them and compensate for external factors. Taking into account a number of parameters, such as the distance between the printhead and the media, the large format printer works to pro-actively realign the ink placement ensuring top quality images first time, every time.


The new L24e, with fast and accurate scan and copy capabilities will bring print speeds up to 80% faster than the nearest competitor. As with all of the imagePROGRAF CAD/GIS range, the large format printers are equipped with the unique option to print unidirectionally to help eliminate banding when printing heavy coverage graphics in Fast mode, an option not available with other brands, so you can enjoy outstanding prints at amazing speeds.
With finer lines, clearer text, superior geometric accuracy and more solid blacks, the printer alone is virtually untouchable. But add to that the easy to use and highly accurate scanner and you will have the best, most affordable wide format MFP solution that money can buy.
The L24e will allow you  to save scan files such as Multipage PDF, PDF, JPG, TIFF to the PC and USB. It also acts as print spooler, links to Direct Print & Share and will hold jobs until the printer

When you purchase a brand new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000, PRO-6000, PRO-4000S or PRO-6000S you don’t just get a printer, you get a full set of 330ml starter inks worth £1,800 and £1,200 respectively.
On the 12 colour models that’s 3,960ml, in printing terms that’s enough free ink to print over 700 full colour A0 glossy photo’s

The brand new Canon imagePROGRAF L24e and L36e MFPs can be run as completely standalone devices, massively increasingly their flexibility for use in home office and field based environments such as on construction sites and remote project offices.
No network?
Simply directly connect the large format printer and scanner via Ethernet/network cable coupling. When copying, the scanner commits the image to its internal memory and once complete, the scan data
is sent directly to the printer over the Ethernet cable, for multiple copies the information is simply resent until the required number of prints is achieved.
No PC available?
Scanning to a USB stick is equally as easy, the scan data is sent to the internal memory and then direct to the USB…simple!


NEW from Design Supply - Fully pigmented ink, CAD/AEC & large format poster printers The imagePROGRAF TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000, available in 24-inch, 36-inch and 44-inch sizes. All models can be specified with the optional multifunctional roll unit which enables high-volume printing from two rolls of the same kind, or hassle-free switching between different media types or sizes to meet various printing needs and saving you valuable time .  Furthermore, the new MFP solutions feature enhanced software and improved integration.

With low running costs, productivity enhancing features such as the dual roll system and 100 sheet stacker and powerful processing for multi-layered documents & HP GL/2 data these new large format printers are sure to impress!

Canon PRO Series Wide Format Printers deliver class leading quality and colour accuracy, whilst also being some of the most economical machines on the market to run.  However, sometimes it’s about creating the right tools for the job to enable you create those stunning images in the first place.
That’s certainly what “The Web’s Most Influential Photographer“ Jeremy Cowart found when he needed a particular backdrop for his up and coming photo-shoot of 133 people. Unfortunately, despite only having two hours before commencing the shoot, he still couldn’t find the right one. That’s when he recruited a friend to custom digitally paint and print one for him on the spot. Thanks to some skilful sketching and the blistering speed & quality of the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 Jeremy was able to start the photoshoot with his new 40” x 60” backdrop within only 30 minutes.

To complement the Canon PRO Series of Wide Format Printers we have worked with Dinax to create a simple to use print program that is designed to make Adobe users lives easier. Not only does Mirage Canon Edition support the common issues faced but also allows you to export images directly from your preferred Adobe application as you can now send originals created in Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design directly to Mirage by using the simple plugin.  This not only saves time exporting images but also reduces the risk of costly re-prints from printer driver related mistakes.
What’s more Mirage Canon Edition is compatible with both MAC and PC systems allowing you to choose your preferred platform at no extra cost! 

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670 and L24 and iPF770 and L36 & iPF770  come with enough ink in the box to print 2,250 x A1 plans. That’s over a mile of print when stacked end to end!  At only 28 seconds per A1 (and factoring in loading time), you could print them all in less than 24 hours!
At 70 x A1 drawings per hour it will also take you substantially longer to complete each and every job, saving you valuable time, every time.
Design Supply’s fantastic new ink bundle promotion allows you to purchase an additional set of 6 x 90ml starter inks for only £99.99 (RRP), saving you nearly £154.

The Canon Accounting Tool has traditionally been incorporated into the Windows packaged printer drivers for the iPF series. however, it’s now available for Mac too.  What’s new is that the Accounting tool is now a completely separate application for the new PRO series of printers which means that it can be used without the need to load the entire printer driver package.

This means that your  accounting and purchasing departments can monitor and track their printing costs and ink usage over time quickly and easily without having to load extra software or needing to be expert printer operators!

World Press Photo, the independent and non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, have worked tirelessly to develop and promote quality global visual journalism since 1955.
This year’s World Press Photo contest is the 60th edition and is universally acknowledged as the world’s premier competition for photojournalism and its accolades are coveted by photographers across the world, with a total participation of 5,034 professional photographers from 126 countries, who have submitted 80,408 images.
This year, the 143 winning photographs have been printed on the mighty Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000, ensuring that the very best quality, detail and emotional value is obtained from the photographer’s work as the prints will be on display in 45 countries for a year, and will be viewed by more than 4 million people worldwide.

The new Canon PRO Series graphics range that has been taking the Wide Format Inkjet printing market by storm recently, is the ability to have two rolls of media simultaneously loaded into the machine, with the printer able to intelligently switch between the two completely automatically, giving you ultimate flexibility and potentially saving  several hours every week that would normally be spent just changing rolls of paper the old fashioned way.

When paper is loaded onto the upper roll of the printer (roll 1) an internal sensor recognises its presence after only a few inches of paper have been fed into the machine and then automatically loads the paper, ready for printing. When  specified or upgraded to the time-saving dual roll option, the lower roll (roll 2) paper sensor recognises that paper is being loaded and retracts the first roll to a hold position, ready to be re-loaded or switched at any time, making swapping paper simple and painless!

The Canon imagePROGRAF range of graphics large format printers use a unique ink agitation process which effectively stirs the ink in the sub tanks (reservoirs) to prevent pigment particles from settling and reducing colour consistency and accuracy, as can happen with many printers on the market today.

Canon engineers have also managed to find a way to agitate the ink in the cartridges themselves. Here’s how: A small pump and valves channel the ink back into the ink-tank and sub-tank to create pressure swirls that keep the pigment in suspension. This prevents the pigment from settling and causing head nozzle clogging, thus ensuring that every print is as good as the last and the likelihood of head replacement to a minimum.

Bundled in the extensive, valued added software suite of a Canon iPF series printer is Direct Print and Share  - a fantastic, time saving tool that allows you to quickly and easily batch print PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs rather than working through the laborious process of file, open, file, print, number of copies, print, close, for every document!  Imagine a set of 35 large format drawings that each need different numbers of copies and things start to get pretty tedious for you.
Plus - It’s FREE and there’s no need to pay for a costly Postscript option as all Canon printers are natively compatible with PDFs and batch printing


Keeping data data safe and secure at every step of the printing process is paramount which is why the Canon imagePROGRAF Secure Disk Erase facility will securely wipe the printers hard drive if required.  
To enable Auto Delete of printed work simply use the on-screen menu of any imagePROGRAF machine with a hard drive on board and go to: Setting Adj then System Setup then Output Method and choose Print Auto Del.  Jobs will then be deleted immediately after printing.
There is also Level 3 Secure which overwrites the entire hard disk sector by sector with random data and verifies this to make sure it was correctly written making it virtually impossible to recover the original data and crucially, conforms to US Department of Defence standard DoD5220.22-M which can often be required in large organisations.

The new Canon PRO large format printer series use up to around 21% less ink when printing, saving you money.

They are faster, easier to operate thanks to the intuitive colour touch screen, hot-swap inks keep you  printing and the new front media loading system couldn’t be faster or easier to use.  Less downtime, less hassle.
Then there’s Wi-Fi connection, direct print from USB stick and Chroma Optimiser that makes the printed image just pop from the page. Plus, free PosterArtist poster design software, photo print management software (Print Studio Pro), as well as plug-ins for MS Office and Adobe Photoshop all in the box…

When printing on the new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 or PRO-4000, Chroma Optimiser is applied to the surface of your print to accentuate the colours, bringing out the minute details of the shaded areas and making every detail of your print richer and more vibrant.

Canon have  worked out what looks better to the human eye. The result? Canon’s unique Chroma Optimiser cartridge, delivering the ultimate in inkjet printing quality.
When CO is set to Overall, the Chroma Optimiser is applied to the entire print. For high end & Fine Art prints this can be beneficial for the aforementioned reasons. However, for production orientated printing, it can be set to Auto, where the printer only uses the CO where there is heavy coverage, reducing the Chroma Optimiser consumption and accelerating the print speed…saving money and increasing productivity.

The Canon PRO series are not only some of the fastest media loading wide format inkjet printers on the market, but they easily cope with common day to day problems. Skew detection is automatically set to standard, but for wayward rolls, it can be set to loose or even off.  

If the media is still skewed on the core, this could result in a small margin at the edge of the print when printing borderless (edge to edge / full bleed).  However, Canon have enabled our clients the ability to reduce or remove this border by extending the printed area beyond the paper’s normal width to accommodate any skew

To activate, simply use either the printer’s touch screen menu via  Extension for Borderless Printing > Paper with Adequate Width or via the drivers under Page Set Up > Borderless Setting you can then slide the marker accordingly to increase or decrease the border size if required.

Space is expensive, especially if you’re a small or start-up business. That’s just one of the reasons that the new Canon PRO large format printer series are so popular with small to medium enterprises.
The Canon PRO-4000S has a compact design which enables installation into areas with very limited space. 

Plus you get all this:

A starter ink set of 330ml, three times the starter set of the Epson unit (110ml).

User replacement print-head, no waiting around for days for a technician.

Auto BK/MBK ink switching, no wasted ink and time while purging one for another.

Hot-swap inks so customers can replace empties without stopping their print-flow.

Print direct from your USB stick, Copyshop and Education printing made easy.

A 320GB hard drive as standard to spool large files and heavy print traffic without slowing the PC or network.

A survey found that 76% decided to enter a shop based on its signage alone, with 68%  purchasing a product because the banner, poster or point-of-purchase display caught their eye. Half were less willing to enter a shop if they displayed poorly made signs or posters, proving that taping multiple A4 sheets together isn’t the best way for you to promote businesses.
The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400SE and iPF8400SE are ideally placed for this application and come with free PosterArtist Lite software to enable you to quickly and easily create effective and eye-catching signs, posters and banners for all point of sale and display needs.
A1 colour poster and an ink cost of only 74 pence, so you could be attracting new business every day. The free 330ml starter ink-set included with the iPF8400SE is even enough to produce nearly 400 colour posters, maximising your return on investment from day one.

The Free Canon imagePROGRAF Media Configuration Tool allows Canon and Custom Media Profiles to be imported into the printer, giving you more flexibility in media choices and optimum results. 
Easy set-up via the Canon installation wizard.

As new Canon media updates and settings become available the tool will automatically update your large format printer via the internet.

Information can be shared across the network which means that fleets of printers can be updated in one hit rather than individually installing the media
The Media Configuration Tool, ideal for Photographers, Print for Pay and Education environments as the many different media types they use to produce high quality images expected of the Canon imagePROGRAF range.

The latest line up of imagePROGRAF PRO printers  proudly join this elite range of ultimate imaging products thanks to their ability to deliver impressive, high definition prints and through boasting Canon’s unique and seamless imaging input-to-output workflow.
A brand new technology within the PRO Series called “Crystal Fidelity” allows for all light captured by Canon EOS cameras to be faithfully reproduced in print with the highest levels of accuracy and clarity.  “Crystal-fidelity” technology even allows two dimensional images to appear almost three-dimensional by providing superior depth, detail and contrast. 
A full capture to print workflow that seamlessly links both camera and printer together will ensure that you can truly bring your images to life, enabling you to command the most value for your printed work and giving you a unique margin opportunity.

A fantastic set of promotions have just been launched on the multi award winning and market leading range of Canon PRO Series inkjet wide format printers.
You can enjoy a free extra set of 160ml inks on the 24", 12 Colour PRO-2000 giving you a staggering 3,840ml in the box worth over £1,900 (at RRP) or take  advantage of a free dual roll & take up unit on the PRO-4000 and 4000S 44", 8 and 12 colour printers worth over £1,000 (at RRP)  and enjoy extra benefits such as easier paper roll loading, increased productivity and no loss of ink on Matt/Gloss black switching.

The M40 Multi-Functional Print solution is our most versatile system in the range. The ability to pair the M40 scanner with several different Canon imagePROGRAF models provides you  a truly bespoke system to suit your exact requirements. Print and scan systems are typically aimed at technical professionals within the CAD, AEC, GIS markets.

If high volume CAD prints and copying is your key focus then the Canon iPF840 with its dual roll auto switching system for continuous print
Looking to expand your print offering?  The iPF8400se poster printer offers additional paper options including short term outdoor banner and poster papers whilst providing excellent CAD technical drawings and line definition.
When it simply comes down to value for money then add the award winning iPF770 creating the ultimate  system in the market.

Get the most out of your large format printer with Mirage  the most advanced professional print plug-in for a range of applications including Adobe© Photoshop, Illustrator© and InDesign©.

Designed to allow you to work faster and more efficiently, Mirage is perfect for the production of photography and fine art and for print service providers, offering the highest print quality available in one simple, fast and flexible solution.

Accurate colour calibration of your large format printer is vital. Traditionally, calibration is slow and time consuming, so to simplify the process and dramatically reduce your downtime, Canon developed the built-in Colour Density Sensor and Calibration System.
Some large format printers require a spectrophotometer and repeated calibrations for every type of media or print mode, a laborious and time consuming process. Canon’s colour calibration system is far more simple and easier to use, the whole process can take as little as 10 minutes!
Using Canon's built-in Colour Density Sensor, you need only calibrate for one media type and then use that to make adjustments on other Canon supported medias. Once complete, you can rest assured that every print will be as great as the first.

On the rare occasion that your Canon imagePROGRAF requires a service technician, it may be necessary to drain the small amount of ink from the printhead feed lines into the maintenance cartridge to prevent spillage when working on certain sections of the printer.

However, the new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series enable the technician to redirect the ink back into the sub-tanks for re-priming the lines and printing later…zero waste!

Canon’s fantastic new Print Studio Pro software for the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series is a high quality, easy to use plugin for Adobe Photoshop,

Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom and Canon Digital Photo Professional. It works to dramatically improve fine image detail and tonal gradation to ensure you can achieve highly accurate reproductions of their original captured images.

Thanks to Canon’s new Input to Output workflow feature, Crystal Fidelity, Photo and Fine Art Professional our customers can faithfully reproduce images captured on their Canon EOS digital cameras and maintain all of the colour, texture, contrast and emotion from the original image.

Traditionally, on the rare occasion that you experience blocked nozzles on a print head, printing a test pattern will show precisely which colours are effected and a total head clean would be performed to resolve any issues. 

With the new Canon PRO series you can now initialise maintenance of just one ink group rather than the entire head, saving you valuable time and ink.

Simply tap Maintenance on the LCD Home screen
Tap Print Head Cleaning
Select and tap Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or System Cleaning
Select and tap the ink group that you wish to be cleaned (Pattern 1, Pattern 2 or Pattern 3)
Tap Yes to execute the clean

We invest significant amounts of time and money in trying to better understand how customers use their large format printers in the real world, and how we can minimise user intervention and increase user convenience in the printing process from start to finish.
The all new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers therefore don’t just come equipped with a standard catch-basket, which can be cumbersome and awkward to retrieve prints from, but instead, come as standard with a revolutionary, highly versatile stacking catch-basket, aimed at improving user experience for printing and finishing.

The new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series can connect wirelessly at up to 50 metres from your router, but did you know that they also support Direct Wireless Connection of up to 5 devices…No router required?
To enable Direct Connection simply tap Lan Setting in the Home menu, Other Settings, Direct Connection Settings and change as necessary.
When connecting using your iPAD, Smartphone, Tablet, etc simply enable the Wi-Fi on the printer and select the printer on your device. For security reasons the printer LCD will ask if you want to allow connection of that device, check that the details are correct and tap Yes.

New product.  Water Resistant Matt Polypropylene media from Design Supply that is superior to  existing media in terms of water and light resistance, so printed posters can
now last up to 6 months outdoors without lamination.

With roll widths of 24”, 36” 42” and 54” (length 30.5m) this media enables you to
produce print for an even wider range of applications than ever before…..and all from one printer, with low power consumption, no heat and no smell!

The entire range of imagePROGRAF large format printers offer quality, productivity and reliability and are often at the top of a our customer’s wish list, so Canon invests significant resources into developing machines that not only fulfil, but often over-deliver in these vital areas of interest.
Canon often use Buyers Labs International (BLi)  who are a fully independent product testing and review company to provide ‘real-world’ feedback by stress-testing products
in the same way that they might be used in a busy customer environment.

An example of the outcome of this rigorous testing has been that even our entry level A0 CAD printer, the iPF770, has won the BLi pick award 2 years in a row! 

The new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series come with the unique Canon accounting tool for both PC and MAC, precisely detailing ink, media and other costs for every print produced.
In addition, this amazing software also allows for centralized management of the print job histories of multiple large format printers.

Whether PC or MAC based, you can determine exactly who printed what, when, where, total ink and paper consumed (including media type) and the precise total cost…all within a few simple clicks.

The new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series of printers use 3 different sizes of ink tanks

The new Lucia PRO inks come in 160ml, 330ml and 700ml sizes and can be freely mixed and matched between colours and between different machine sizes and the inks are all hot swappable, meaning that they can be replaced during printing without stopping the machine and causing unnecessary downtime.  

Even more helpfully, you can now see the ink sub-tank reservoir level on the printer’s colour display panel, giving you better visibility of exactly how much ink is left in your printer.

The new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series of printers are the only machines on the market with a combined dual roll and take-up system available.

This super-easy to load multifunctional roll unit allows you to simultaneously use two different media types, or indeed sizes with rapid, fully automatic switching between both rolls.
Increase print productivity in busy environments such as copy shops and print bureaus where roll unloading and reloading is likely to account for 90% or more of the printer’s daily downtime and may often be the  bottleneck in production.

If you prefer to finish your work later offline when trimming or laminating, then the second roll holder can easily switch to working as a take-up spool unit.  This clever component even has the ability to roll up prints with the printed surface inside, to protect them for postage, assist with laminating or  even to help de-curl tightly wound rolls.&

All imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers from the 24” 2000 all the way up to the 60” 6000S now come with a built-in 320GB hard drive as standard to help data flow over busy networks and in multiple user group environments.  However, with data storage, come security concerns and even graphical data can sometimes be sensitive in military, product launch scenarios for example. 
To make sure that images cannot be recovered and reprinted by third parties, Canon have now implemented an improved method of the popular “Secure Disk Erase” function, offering three different levels of disk erase depending on data safety requirement.
Level 3 (Secure) overwrites the entire hard disk sector by sector with random data and verifies this to make sure it was correctly written.

Did you know?

All wide format graphics printers contain both a glossy and matte black ink which are formulated differently to provide the best results
on the correct paper type.  

The Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers automatically use the correct black ink for every job without a single drop being wasted thanks to the clever engineering of the Canon printhead which uses separate, dedicated channels for the every ink.  

This means that draining and re-priming just isn’t necessary, saving you  time and money, every time you change your paper type!

Did you know?

Whether In retail, education or commercial print, space within business premises is always at a premium. That’s why the new Canon imagePROGRAF Pro Series range have been specifically designed to be smaller and more compact than any othermachines on the market.
For example, the PRO-6000S produces up to 60 inch wide prints, but is only 1,999 mm wide

Equally impressive, the Canon 12-colour, 44-inch PRO-4000 is just  27cm in width.

Did you know?
The brand new range of Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series 12 colour printers utilise a Chroma Optimiser (CO) ink to provide class leading image quality for Photo and Fine Art application.
This new ink isn’t used simply as a gloss enhancer as found in other printers which compensate for poor ink performance and quality issues such as bronzing - Canon’s CO is different:
It works to actually increase the performance and colour gamut of the new Lucia PRO ink by reducing scattered light on the media surface giving your customers’ prints improved colour clarity, deeper expression in black and shaded areas as well as increased scratch resistance.

Did you know?
The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE is equipped with a Printer Driver Optimisation Module for AutoCAD.  This handy addition to the software suite means the device  is one of the most versatile products in the Canon LFP range, handling posters, banners, pop ups, business graphics, CAD drawings and 3D renders with ease.
Designers, Architects and Copy Shops and Education customers who have a need to print both accurate and detailed CAD drawings, alongside with high quality photo-realistic images and display materials no longer need two dedicated devices to do both jobs, saving them office space, and capital equipment cost.
Add an M40 scanner and touch screen monitor and your customers will have a powerful solution to cover almost all bases in one single, highly productive footprint.

Did you know?

Not only can you use the Canon imagePROGRAF graphics printers to print onto a vast array of traditional fine art media but you can also print onto fine art metal using the associated profile and feeding the media through the straight paper path.
Fine art metals have a coating applied to allow the ink to bind, prints should initially be handled carefully and allow for a little drying time before coating with a protective medium as you would with a canvas print.
Traditionally printing onto specialist materials like metal has been a process exclusive to dye sublimation often making the process time consuming and expensive.

Now you can create beautiful images on metal without the need for a separate printer.

With ‘proofing’ there are generally two common forms of this application that we refer to: Basic imposition proofing that checks arrangement and layout prior to print (prepress) and the more technically demanding contract proofing that requires high levels of colour accuracy and consistency. One of the most widely recognised international proofing standards is Fogra39 which is used to gain consistent colour between different types of printing equipment.
Canon’s range of 12 colour imagePROGRAF printers are designed to class leading colour range, accuracy and consistency using built in colour sensors and supported calibration software. The iPF6450 can also be fitted with an optional Spectrophotometer unit that automatically scans Fogra39 standard proofs to ensure colour accuracy.  This saves print operators time as they don’t have to scan the prints manually and guarantees the work to a known colour standard.

Did you know?

The Canon imagePROGRAF M40 series of MFP’s combine not only high quality scanning and super productive print engines, but also give you a wide range of additional features to help you get the very best out of your original documents when scanning and copying.

The large, easy to use touch-screen not only shows a large preview of document being scanned or copied, but also gives you the opportunity to make several adjustments and enhancements such as crop, de-skew brightness, contrast and even background clean-up.

By making these adjustments in real-time during the preview phase, poor quality scans and copies are avoided, cutting down on wasted time, ink and paper.

Did you know?

Canon dye based printers are ideal for CAD and short-term display, the inks comprise of very small particles of colour dissolved in liquid. These particles are easy for ultraviolet rays to damage and is one of the main reasons that prints fade. It’s important they can soak into the surface of the paper to combat this but they will re-dissolve if drops of water hit the paper.

Canon pigment inks contain far larger particles of colour held in suspension, UV rays find it much harder to degrade them as a lot of the colour is locked inside, pigment binds to the coating on the surface of the paper without soaking in, giving better colour representation, greater water resistance and a vast lifespan

Did you know?

Mirage RIP is developed and optimised to provide powerful print controls that maximise workflow increasing output and quality whilst saving time and money.
An easy to follow workflow provides you with additional features not available within a standard driver. Cropping the image is made simple via the large print preview pane as well as tiling large files to produce POS banners and wallpaper applications.
Forgot to add print marks to your design? Not a problem with a simple tick a box you have up to 8 different styles to suit their your needs.
In addition to these enhanced features Mirage RIP also offers you the ability to create and manage bespoke media profiles. Upgrade to the pro version
and unlock RGB and CMYK icc profile measurement and creation!
Canon imagePROGRAF – Enhancing workflow for less

Did you know?
Canon imagePROGRAF CAD printers employ 5-Colour Dye and Pigment Inks for High-Definition Printing.
Architectural drawings and design plans require extremely accurate printing of very fine lines. Canon developed reactive ink technology to put an end to blurring along the edges of text characters and lines that many businesses had become accustomed to.
Canon exploited the reaction between colour dye inks and pigment-based matte black ink to produce clear, crisp black output, making it possible to print fine lines and ultra-small text in precise detail with smooth reproduction of oblique lines and curves, ensuring the crystal clear presentation of small text characters.
Canon imagePROGRAF – Precision at its finest.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830, iPF840 and iPF850 are equipped with advanced out of the box security systems, perfect for large workgroups and secure networks.  Commonly known as SNMPv3*  (Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3) the security part of this protocol works to provide both strong authentication and data encryption and guards against the following threats:

Modification of Information - Protection against unauthorised entities altering in-transit messages.
Masquerade - Protection against attempting unauthorised management operations.
Message Stream Modification - Protection against messages getting maliciously re-ordered, delayed, or replayed.
Disclosure - Protection against eavesdropping by unauthorised entities.

This extra layer of security working alongside other Canon features such as Secure Disc Erase and Pin Code Release ensures that sensitive data can be printed securely.

Did you know?

All Canon imagePROGRAF printers come with a huge software suite designed to help you get the most out of your printer from day one, but certain applications require the use of a Raster Image Processor, or, RIP.
RIPs are designed to intelligently handle multiple files of all different types and sizes, nest, tile and colour manage jobs when appropriate and generally speed up processing and printing times.
Canon imagePROGRAF printers are fully supported by all of the major RIP solutions vendors such as Onyx, EFI, Mirage, Caldera, Shiraz, Wasatch and Colorgate. So if you are in high production or colour critical environment or even have an existing RIP, a Canon imagePROGRAF printer should slot straight into their workflow.

Did you know? 

Our customers sometimes may find that their printed images don’t look quite as they expect from screen to print as they may be unfamiliar with colour management, or not have the appropriate software to adjust their images accordingly.
Within Canon imagePROGRAF printers, the Windows & Mac drivers can help you to easily fine-tune your prints to get the results you desire.
From the Main page of the print driver, first ensure that the media size and type are correct.  Then select Advanced Settings rather than Easy Settings. Then select Colour in the Colour Mode list and then Colour Settings to open the dialog box. Here you can change colour balance as well as black tone, brightness, contrast and colour saturation.  
Canon imagePROGRAF – Making accurate colour reproduction just that little bit easier

Did you know

The Canon M40 MFP Solution is also available to purchase with the iPF8400SE 44” 6 colour pigment printer.  This is an ideal, single footprint multifunctional device for print rooms, bureaus and retail copy shops, combining the image longevity of Canon Lucia EX Pigment inks, class leading low running costs and blistering print speeds on a wide variety of print media.
It gives you the freedom and flexibility to scan, copy, archive, print and share CAD documents, posters, maps and other graphics, using this innovative space saving solution.
Canon imagePROGRAF – Speed and quality: Combined

Did you know?

Easily create double sided posters in just a few clicks when using the Canon free layout tool which is built into the Windows and Mac drivers.  This is ideal for retail applications such as window posters, hanging banners and double sided banner stands.
This function eliminates the extra time usually needed in the design process by automatically duplicating and rotating the image with additional options to fine tune the results. A fold line is printed to aid accurate registration when finishing the duplex print providing a truly professional finish.

Send  posters to print via the  Free Layout tool, select the Folded Duplex icon and let the software do the rest!
Canon ImagePROGRAF – time saving solutions

Did you know?

At the heart of each Canon large format inkjet printer is the L-COA image processor, created by Canon to provide optimal control and image quality.
Unlike many printers that utilise multiple processors to handle the data, ink placement, speed etc. Canon integrated all of those functions into one unique and powerful chip, L-COA, (Large Format Printer Common Architecture). The result…faster data and image processing with greater print speeds, saving you time and money but still ensuring high-precision accuracy.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Speed and accuracy combined

Did you know?
Updating your large format printer firmware is an important step that should be performed when a new printer is first installed and then periodically from that point on. Updating the printer’s firmware Will ensure that your printer is kept in tip top condition and used to its fullest capacity. Firmware updates typically include updates that improve factors such as print speed, droplet accuracy and often even reduce ink consumption.

Firmware updates should be checked and applied at least every six months.
Canon imagePROGRAF – Ensuring class leading performance every day

Did you know?

Not all our customers are familiar with monitor colour calibration and the use of ICC profiles for print media and sometimes can experience a difference in colour from screen to print.
To help you get the very best results without wasting ink and media through repeated trial and error, Canon imagePROGRAF 8 and 12 colour models come with an Adjustment Pattern Settings facility built into the Adobe Photoshop Plugin.

This enables you to print multiple thumbnails of an image on a single page with varying colour settings.
Once the ideal colour balance has been identified and selected you can store the setting for future use.
 Canon imagePROGRAF – Bringing you creative, professional and cost saving solutions.

Did you know?

All large format printers can be affected by changes in their environment, such as seasonal temperature and humidity, which may cause the colour representation to change slightly. Canon’s colour calibration feature improves colour consistency by compensating for those changes.
Executing colour calibration from the printer control panel will print a test pattern (built into the printer) that is then read automatically by the printer sensor and the correct values are then set accordingly.
Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers give you the best colour reproduction available, all year round.

Did you know?

All Canon imagePROGRAF 8 & 12 Colour printers come with a unique, free Canvas Gallery Wrapping software tool which is built into the Adobe Photoshop Print Plugin.  This time-saving feature automatically resizes and adds the necessary borders and crop marks your canvas prints in just a few clicks of a mouse, taking into account stretcher bar thickness, overlap and edge effects such as reflection (mirror), soft reflection (mirrored and blurred) or simply a desired solid colour.

Did you know?

Paper dust and debris collecting inside a large format printer is often seen as the primary cause of premature printhead failures.

This is why many of our customers choose to manually feed out and cut their canvas and backlit film prints off the roll with scissors instead of using the machine’s cutter blade.

Good news! Canon have developed a “Cut Dust Reduction” feature that works by automatically printing a heavyweight black line at the end of each print when activated from the printer’s control panel. This effectively wets the media slightly and means that dust and debris are reduced when using the machine’s rotary cutter, prolonging the life of the printer, cutter and printhead.  This also means that less media is wasted in the process.
Canon ImagePROGRAF:  Finding innovate ways to reduce waste and printing costs

Did you know?

The Canon M40 and L Series MFP scanning systems all use Single Sensor technology which allows the scanner to scan the full width of the document in one go. This eliminates traditional scanner “stitching” problems where valuable data can be lost.

Incorporated within the Single Sensor are two rows of super bright LED lights which minimise shadows and creases on your documents, making sure that copies are right first time, every time.

Did you know?

Many of the Canon imagePROGRAF range of printers come with administrative functionality that allows
you to lock down certain parts of the device to keep their data secure and stop information leaks.
For example – If you have a Canon iPF785 you can quickly and easily set a device password at the machine to lock down USB or Network port functionality and restrict access to the machine’s network settings so that external devices cannot be used via either port.
You can also lock use and access to the network remote user interface and the machine’s job log to ensure that unauthorised extra copies of prints cannot be produced.

Did you know?

Canon can save you a lot of time when creating multiple posters!
Canon PosterArtist software (full version) enables you input variable data such as addresses and contact information stored in Excel or CSV format. Variable Data simplifies the process by linking your created poster to your database, allowing quick and easy personalization of signs and posters and providing huge time saving opportunities for your business.
To use the variable printing function, prepare data in Excel format (.xls) or in CSV format (.csv). To insert created data, click the Variable Data panel, select Connect to... and choose the appropriate document.
Canon imagePROGRAF and PosterArtist a powerful combination.

Did you know?

As we always say, you don’t have to be a designer to produce great quality posters and banners. One of the many features of Canon PosterArtist full version is the very handy Auto Design facility that allows you to randomly input images and text to create a rough template. Then, at the click of a button you will be presented with various additional alternatives based on that input…amazing!
Then simply select the image closest to the desired result, tweak it if necessary and print,

It couldn’t be easier. Canon imagePROGRAF and PosterArtist, creation made simple.

Did you know?

Canon’s productive and intuitive job submission tool for high volume CAD printers -  Publisher Select 2 now supports the high volume range of CAD imagePROGRAF printers.
Publisher Select 2.0 allows imagePROGRAF printers to seamlessly integrate into any high volume CAD workflow environment already using an PlotWave or ColorWave device with this software.
This fantastic job submission software is perfect for busy & demanding environments, minimising job ‘make-ready’ times and  removing the need for additional investment into expensive 3rd party solutions.
Publisher Select 2 is now available as a free download for Canon iPF830, iPF840 and iPF850. Contact Design Supply for more information.

Did you know?

Use the Canon imageRUNNER Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) with any of the Canon imagePROGRAF wide format printers to provide a basic scan to print or enlarge functionality.
Using Canon’s ImageRUNNER utility, you can create up to 5 hot folders which can be individually configured to meet your output size and quality needs. Once created simply Scan your document to the preferred folder and Canon will do the rest! An ideal solution for Education, small to large business and print for pay that utilises Canon imageRUNNER MFP and require enlargement prints and copies.

Did you know?

The Canon iPF6450 24” 12 Colour printer can be equipped with an additional colour measurement unit called the SU-21. This unit includes a spectrophotometer to accurately measure colour, and a fan assisted dryer to fully dry the print quickly, minimise waiting times and increase productivity. The whole system can be setup to fully automate the process of checking and adjusting a printer’s colour accuracy to ensure it is meeting the demanding colour standards that your customers work to. Whether in commercial proofing, fine art, photographic applications, or simply getting the best match to a corporate colour, the iPF6450 & SU-21 are the perfect combination, ensuring colour accuracy every day.

Did you know?

Generally, data written to hard disks on computers or large format printers is not completely erased when the files are deleted or the storage device is formatted
in the usual way. You can use data recovery software to recover deleted files and retrieve information.
For our customers working in secure and sensitive environments, ensuring data securing and guaranteed deletion of data is of paramount importance.
Fortunately, Canon imagePROGRAF customers can utilise the secure disk erase feature from the panel of their printer which completely removes all print job data sent to the on board hard disk, so that it is impossible to recover
Every existing byte of data is overwritten with strings of binary and randomly generated characters and checked at each stage to ensure the data is irretrievable.
Canon imagePROGRAF, your customers are in safe hands.

Did you know?

All large format inkjet printers use ink as a print head lubricant as well as a printing medium.  Because inkjet printing is a wet process, the print head only works when kept in a wet state.  When print heads dry, often through lack of use, ink must be forced through the head to clear any blockages that may have occurred.

Canon imagePROGRAF printers have been developed to minimise print head cleaning and avoid these blockages wherever possible, leading to maximum up-time and minimum down-time for you.

A Canon wide format printer can detect any nozzle blockages before, after and even during printing and automatically activate a backup nozzle to ensure a perfect quality print every time.

With four times the amount of printing nozzles available compared to the nearest rival product, you will be amazed!

Did you know?

Have you ever wondered why Canon iPF CAD printers contain one Pigment ink and the others are Dye based?

Accuracy is key when printing architectural drawings and design plans, and it’s essential that we continue to develop an ink technology that prevents the blurring of the edges of text and lines that can be a real problem for many designers and architects.
Canon’s CAD range feature an ink system that exploits the reaction between colour dye inks and pigment-based matte black ink to create clear, crisp black output when printing fine lines, curves and ultra-small text. You can see the print clearly and easily and no time or money is wasted on reprints or asking for additional information.

Did you know?

How much time, effort and media have you wasted by printing incorrectly sized or positioned images because you can’t see what you’re about to print? At the click of a button the Canon imagePROGRAF series can show you a full preview before printing.

If you want to change the orientation etc then you can do it in the preview so that you know you are getting exactly what you want, first time, every time!

Did you know?

All inkjet large format printers can sometimes experience something called horizontal banding, where the print is spoiled by either dark or faded lines across the image. 

Accidentally selecting the wrong paper weight on the interface when you load a paper roll is the most common cause, but it may be that the calibration for that media type needs adjusting. The Canon Paper Feed Amount Calibration tool in the Status Monitor
enables your customers to recalibrate automatically.
Simply press the Paper Feed Amount Adjustment button and let the printer do the rest!
Canon imagePROGRAF. Helping you to create perfect prints, first time, every time.

Did you know?

Canon's unique sub ink-tank system allows ink to flow into a reservoir before it is sent to the print-head. This feature not
only enables your printer to use every single drop of ink from your cartridges but you can also replace the empty
cartridge while the machine is still printing.
No waste of ink, no waste of time and no waste of money!
Canon imagePROGRAF, adding value while reducing your costs.

Did you know?

Sometimes paper rolls can be tightly wound and toward the end of a roll, the paper can often still have a lot of curl or ‘memory’. This can cause head strikes, where the print head scuffs the top of the paper whilst printing, and can happen on any roll fed wide format machine. Canon iPF printers automatically adjust the head height based on your paper type selection and use suction to keep the paper as flat as possible while printing so that every print is a saleable print.

You can manually change the head height and/or vacuum strength via the control panel. This is an incredibly simple process and it will ensure that you can use as much of their roll of media as possible, reducing waste of not only your paper, but also valuable ink and time. Canon imagePROGRAF. Helping you to create perfect prints, first time, every time.

Did you know?

Have you ever grabbed a part used roll of media from the rack and found that you have no idea what type it is, or even if there's enough to complete a job? 
When you insert a roll of media on a Canon iPF large format printer, select "Manage Remain Roll" via the control panel, then select the media type and its length. The next time that you eject that media it will print a barcode (about 2.5 inches wide) at the end of the roll. This not only encodes the paper type and the remaining length but also prints it in plain text so that you can read it too. The next time that you load the roll onto the printer it reads the code and sets the media type and the length automatically. To save you even more time and effort, this information is also communicated back to your computer.

Did you know?

Have you ever grabbed a part used roll of media from the rack and found that you have no idea what type it is, or even if there's enough to complete a job? 
When you insert a new roll of media on a Canon iPF large format printer, select "Manage Remain Roll" via the control panel, then select the media type and its length. The next time that you eject that media it will print a barcode (about 2.5 inches wide) at the end of the roll. This not only encodes the paper type and the remaining length but also prints it in plain text so that you can read it too. The next time that you load the roll onto the printer it reads the code and sets the media type and the length automatically. To save you even more time and effort, this information is also communicated back to your computer.&

Did you know?

Canon invented the bubble-jet printer in the mid 1970’s when an engineer placed a hot soldering iron onto an ink filled cartridge and witnessed the resulting bubble of ink form.

This technology has formed the basis for all of today’s Canon Bubble-jet printers including the iPF multi award winning Large Format Range.

Unlike traditional ink-jet technology where the ink is ejected  in a cold state from the printhead, Bubble-jet is more precise and far less prone to nozzle clogging and wastage, giving you better results and maximising printer productivity and up-time.

Canon's state-of-the-art Bubble-Jet technology continues to evolve, backed by a huge R&D spend, meaning that Canon products are always at the forefront of digital printing technology.

Did you know?

You can securely send confidential and sensitive documents to imagePROGRAF devices using password protected mailbox settings.

For example a facilities management company working on a high security site, they need to produce confidential plans for a select team of engineers but they only have one output device for the whole business. They may have concerns about the plans leaking to other departments or even worse competitors. The loss of sensitive data can have a huge negative impact including company reputation and loss of business.

With 29 available inboxes multiple users can create their own password protected mailbox with the knowledge their files are safe and secure.

The mailbox feature is a free product included with all Canon iPF printers that include a build in hard drive. 


Did you know?

Canon’s LUCIA EX ink system delivers an outstandingly wide colour range and produces images with incredibly dense, sharp blacks and smooth colour gradations.
These superior inks are also designed with an innovative polymer structure that results in greater scratch resistance and protection from colour fading, while also reducing bronzing (brown reflections) to ensure durable, stable output.
Photographers, graphic designers and our clients in colour critical environments love the unrivalled accuracy of prints produced using genuine Canon Lucia EX inks.


Did you know?

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830, iPF840 and iPF850 have now been Citrix Ready Certified – this means that they can be deployed within large workgroup environments that use a distributed client/server Windows platform.

This type of infrastructure is very popular in government and large business environments such as telecom’s, retail giants and construction companies due to its inherent flexibility and ability to ‘bolt-on’ more clients at any time.

Other Citrix Ready models include: IPF510 iPF670  iPF770 iPF780 iPF785

Did you know?

As well as printing onto a huge variety of roll and cut sheet papers, the 12 colour, 24” Canon iPF6400 can also print onto rigid boards up to 1.5mm thick using its dedicated front feed.
This feature is great for photographers and print shops alike, in fact anyone who want to print directly to substrate to save valuable time mounting
and finishing.

Did you know?

The Canon M40 solution offers a unique value proposition by scanning and printing simultaneously, meaning no waiting around
and potential huge increases in productivity for you!
With scanning speeds of under 5 seconds for an A0 document, you will be more productive and more profitable than ever!

Did you know?

Creating prints that rival the efforts of a professional are made even easier with the borderless printing facility that’s built into every Canon imagePROGRAF printer. This means posters and photo’s are printed completely edge-to-edge. So, with no need for time-consuming and frustrating trimming, leaving more time for printing, framing or another round of golf?
With a Canon imagePROGRAF it really is as simple as design, print and display!

Did you know?

To help our customers to manage their print expenditure Canon has provided free, in-the-box accounting software with every wide format printer so that the user can clearly monitor and easily control the cost of every single print – precisely detailing ink, media and other costs for each job. Simply input the purchase price of the ink tanks and media rolls into the driver and the software does the rest!
You can even export the data as a .CSV file and use this in programs such as Excel, Numbers, Sage and SAP.  
Ensure efficient cost tracking and accurate billing of wide format print with Canon imagePROGRAF.

Did you know?

With Canon’s PosterArtist software you can design posters like a pro with no prior experience. Specifically designed for non-professionals, this simple yet powerful tool helps you design and print posters from scratch. Featuring over 1,000 images and templates, designing eye-catching A1 posters, head-turning signs and beautiful banners couldn’t be easier. 

Did you know? 

Canon’s MS Office Plug-in links directly to your Microsoft applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) allowing you to produce poster sized versions in-house in just three easy steps.  You needn’t have any prior knowledge of media types, settings or large format sizes to get great results.
Outsourcing your large format print work? Create and print your own posters.  
Ask for a demonstration on the Canon iPF printer and the MS Office Print plug-in!

Did you know?

Almost every printer in the Canon imagePROGRAF range has 'hot-swap' ink cartridges. In busy environments, this is a huge benefit as the printer does not stop printing when ink is changed.  

Did you know?

The Canon iPF780 and iPF785 come with 490ml of ink included in the box for free…
The extra ink from Canon will save you over £100 and allow you to print an extra 350 A0 CAD
drawings before you need to buy more!

Did you know?

Canon includes a huge suite of free software with all of its Large Format Printers, one of which is Direct Print & Share.  

With Direct Print & Share, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and HP-GL/2 files can be easily printed without the need to open the software in which the files were created. This saves time and means you can print files even if they were created on software that you don’t own. 

You can even create basic 'hot folders' on the desktop with individual rules to speed up printing workflow… files can be simply “dragged and dropped” onto the relevant DPS icon and printed. Best of all there's no need to pay for a costly PostScript option to print PDFs!

Did you know?

The Canon M40 Large Format MFP won Bli's Outstanding 36" Colour Wide Format Technical MFP award for 2015.
Its ease of use, above average productivity, impressive feature set, paper handling and flawless reliability were just some of the great compliments showered upon the iPF785+M40 solution.
With a 22" touchscreen, you can scan once, edit quickly and easily, and print, saving time, money and frustration!

Did you know...?

The Canon iPF Printer Driver includes a Free Layout function for effectively laying out (nesting) and printing multiple images on one print. This saves paper and can then be later trimmed and finished accordingly.

You can even use it to group and print files from different applications as one single job.
In addition to normal nesting functions, you can change the layout and size of specified pages or move,
align, enlarge, reduce, rotate and re-order the images on the page.

Did you know...?

Canon large format printers use their own GARO (Graphic Arts Raster Operations) printing language to interpret and print Postscript Data.

Think you can't print PDFs on a Canon iPF...?  You can!

You can save a fortune with the multi award winning Canon imagePROGRAF range of CAD printers when compared to the costly PS option on other large format printer makes.