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Accessories Ultima 1400 Cutter

The Ultima cutter is the perfect cutting solution to combine with the Uniform Lancer

Offering the traditional quality of Ultima drag-knife cutting plotters, the Ultima series vinyl cutting plotters (850 mm and 1400 mm) have been developed for extreme user-friendliness. Combining the Ultima with the Uniform Lancer is the perfect solution for Print & Cut applications.

As a stand-alone cutting plotter, the Ultima can cut and plot designs onto paper. As a contour cutter, the Ultima is an ideal partner for contour cutting of preprinted signs. Unlike other offered hybrid print & cut systems, we have developed a totally different print & cut philosophy.

The Ultima cutting plotters incorporate Epos (electronic positioning) technology creating a seamlessly contour-cut.With this approach, we offer the idea buy a printer and a cutting plotter for a lower price than a combined print and cut machine or buy an Ultima cutter to combine with your existing printer and have access to contour cutting of pre-printed signs.Why pay more for an integrated printer if you already have one!

Moreover, a unique feature for the sign market is Ultima's automatic bar code registration system. Every job gets a unique bar code, reducing operator errors to practically zero.

Our At a Glance Guide

Extremely user-friendly

MediaWidths of 850mm & 1400mm

Integrates Epos technology for full automatic contour cutting

Automatic bar code registration

Starter cutting software standard in the box to see cut-contour versatility
Safety and Security

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