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Accessories bayCompact P800-HP

bayCompact P800-HP Folder online with HP Designjet 4500

The new bayCompact Online folder is now available for professional Designjet paper folding. It folds automatically all plots into DIN A4 or US formats and meets the requirements of industrial companies as well as copy shops.

The transfer bridge connects the folder with the Designjet. This permits a completely automatic folding operation. It also simplifies the changing of paper rolls in the Designjet and enables paper offline feeding and offline folding at any time.

Smallest Footprint
bayCompact Online fits into the smallest rooms. With a footprint of only 586x1'450mm Bay defines a new standard in compact folding.

Easy Handling of Non Standard Formats
bayCompact Online measures each print to compensate for the cut tolerance of the plotter. bayCompact Online folds standard and non standard paper of any sizes according DIN or US standards.

Ergonomic and Economic in Operation
bayCompact is extremely easy to operate and very reliable. The compact design allows excellent access and due to ultra quiet stepper motors bayCompact Online will never disturb an office environment.

Simply Precise
bayCompact Online is substantially less complex than other folders by reducing the number of moving parts. Therefore bayCompact Online is very easy to set up and folds all documents precisely without long adjustments or tuning. The convenient Windows-based Folder-Browser replaces a screwdriver.

Lowest Maintenance
bayCompact features world-renowned Swiss quality and reliability, resulting in very low maintenance. The integrated paper cooling system avoids heating up the folder and improves component life.
Safety and Security

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