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Hewlett Packard T1120 SD MFP Large Format Scanner & Printer

New affordable, easy-to-use integrated HP MFP

Fast, intuitive operation improves user efficiency
Avoid the back and forth between devices. Easily perform key functions - such as copy, scan to USB or network, and file management - from the scanner touchscreen interface.
Easily maintain this MFP and its supplies with HP Printer Utility and the self-sufficient scanner that does not require calibration at installation. LED lights help you to diagnose any issues.
You're in total control with a new HP MFP that's easy to manage thanks to the HP Embedded Web Server.
Concentrate on your customers and your projects thanks to this MFP's timesaving features, such as a CIS scanner that doesn't require a warm-up period.

Superior line and text quality at the right price
Produce highly accurate drawings with a printer and HP Vivera inks that deliver outstanding details - with 0.1% line accuracy. The HP Three-black ink set - including a gray HP Vivera ink - produces true neutral gray, accentuating the detail in your prints.
Powerful presentations - HP Vivera inks produce a range of colors, from vivid color to soft tones.
See high-quality results - especially for lines and text - with CIS scanning technology and 1200 dpi optical resolution. Scan or copy archived documents of existing buildings or ''as-build'' drawings to share with colleagues or clients.
Produce optimised results easily with predefined media profiles and settings for the originals you use most often. You don't have to spend a lot of time adjusting settings whenever you want to copy or scan.
Media versatility - including over 35 Original HP media - provides additional flexibility.

Dependable, unique integrated HP solution
Get back to work quickly knowing detailed prints are not a problem thanks to In-printer processing architecture and an 80 GB HDD.
Convenient single-vendor solution - built together to work together. There's no greater convenience than having a single device with multiple functions and features reliably working in tandem to provide a very effective, very viable solution.
Save valuable workspace with this ergonomic multifunction device. It also includes a 23 cm (9 in) touchscreen panel positioned on top of the scanner, which creates additional room in your office.

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