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Seiko seiko terostar lp1010 Large Format Scanner

The Teriostar LP-1010 network printer is engineered to deliver 600dpi black and white prints at 3.4 A0 size prints per minute. It will print up to 10m in length and comes with a standard two-roll drawer system which supports multiple sized rolls. Users can choose between the automatic drawer selector or sheet feed to load media.
The LP-1010 offers a large, easy to use display, has an internal 20Gb hard drive with 256Mb RAM and will support HP-GL, HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, Raster, TIFF and CALS files. The unit comes complete with an integrated controller.

Importantly, the LP-1010 features a user-replaceable drum - no need for downtime or a service engineer

Product Highlights

6.2 A1 size prints per minute
Maximum 10m print length
36in print width
User replaceable drum
High performance 600dpi resolution
Integrated controller